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Anyone got a baby with Eczema - Fancy trying out Cheeky Wipes?

Tuesday, 9 March 2010  |  Admin

The lovely people at Green Kiddie have just written an article about baby eczema and how to treat it naturally which has reminded me to actually do something about an idea that has been in the back of my head for a while.
One of the reasons that I started Cheeky Wipes was because I suffer from Eczema and have done since I was about 5 years old. My hands are often particularly badly irritated and I found that using disposable baby wipes, even sensitive formulae ones just made it worse.
I moved to washable wipes because the calming lavender and chamomile soaking solution seemed to lessen the irritation and I reckoned that was good for me and my bubba's! Since then I've had really good anecdotal feedback from lots of people who reckon that Cheeky Wipes are better for their babies with sensitive, dry or eczema plagued skin? So I'd like to run a little test to prove or disprove this theory.
If your baby has eczema and you're willing to try an alternative (which is suitable for washable or disposable nappies), then I'll provide you with a Cheeky Wipes Kit for £15. I would offer to do this for free but I want to avoid timewasters!
At the end of the two week trial period, you just need to give me some feedback via a questionnaire. If the wipes didn't work out for you, after trying them for two weeks, then just send them back to me and I'll refund you with your £15.
To apply, please complete the questionnaire here and I'll come back to you next week if you've been successful. I'll be selecting a maximum of 20 for the test.

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