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Rainbow Coloured cloth baby wipes now available

Thursday, 14 November 2013  |  Admin

NEW! Pastel Coloured terry Wipes and Rainbow coloured Ultimate Wipes!

Our NEW pastel coloured terry wipes and Rainbow coloured Ultimate cotton and cotton velour wipes are due to land in the UK at the end of next week finally!


Available in a pack of 10, 25 or a jumbo pack of 40 with equal quantities of 5 different colours: yellow, blue, mint, pistachio and fuschia. Prices start from 9 for 10, up to 27 for 40.

We're also taking delivery of our new pastel coloured wipes at the same time.


 Prices for these are 6.50 for 10, 13 for 25 and 19.50 for 40, so great value!

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