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Buying for Baby: Car Seat & Cot

Monday, 13 April 2009  |  Admin

OK, next in my list of big purchases is the car seat. In our case, we went for the maxi-cosi car seat because it fitted to the bugaboo. It's still being used for child no3, however I failed to read the washing instructions and put the seat cover in the washing machine instead of just sponging it clean when preparing for the arrival of son no2. It got the seat nice and clean, but frayed the edges of the material so it looks a bit ratty. I now use it with a Car Seat Cover from Minnie Moo: Not only is it cute, but it allows you to reuse car seats that would otherwise you wouldn't want to be seen with (and tarts up a grubby car seat if you're lucky enough to have one passed on to you, or if you find a little Ebay gem).
The last 'big piece of kit to cover today is something for your baby to sleep in. We were very lucky to have a family crib for our little ones to use, which just needed a new mattress. I'm not sure I would have bought a moses basket as they grow out of them so quickly, but I can appreciate the benefits as they're easy to move about the house and to pop in the back of the car if you're going to visit friends and family.
I think if I was buying from scratch, I'd buy a cot bed from the get go. No1 son and the troublesome toddler have both used the same cot, which was inexpensive and did the job. They then migrate into a big boy bed when they reach the appropriate age (or maybe not for the troublesome toddler, I'm quite happy to keep him caged in his cot at the moment until he works out how to escape). On the other hand, baby girl went straight to a cotbed. It was more expensive, but will last until she's at least five so you don't have that problem of changing bed and the upset it causes?
Hopefully that will have been of help and if it has, just let me know - and be sure to pop back for my next updates.

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