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Have you found it?

Thursday, 29 July 2010  |  Admin

I've found the phone in the bin. (Luckily it rang, otherwise it would have been gone forever).
I've found my middle son semi-naked at the bottom of a soft-play slide...
..and found his wet pants and trousers in the ball pit. (Oh, the shame as the ball pit was then closed for cleaning....)
I've found both my youngest children standing in the toilet bowl. Separately. Two years apart and I've got no idea why?
I've found my son and his friend having a 'naked party' upstairs when they should have been asleep...
I've found lego in my bed, my wardobe, my handbag and my shoes. Ouch.
I've found no2 sons 'cuddly' in numerous places, including inside a cushion cover (he'd been missing for a few days on that occasion, the little rascal) and on top of an overhead lightshade!
I've found that nothing makes bumps and bruises better than a kiss from Mummy or Daddy...
But I've lost my heart. My children have stolen it and swear they're keeping it safe but I think it's lost for good.
This post was part of Josie's Writing Workshop and the prompt was inspired by Deer Baby and her postFinders Keepers.

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