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Meat-free March - Who's with me?

Thursday, 25 February 2010  |  Admin

I'm so completely over winter and I'm sick of eating casserole type things, particularly meaty casseroles. There's no doubt that it's handy to defrost a bag of spag bol, or beef stew and have a swift instant supper, but I'm yearning for the lighter, brighter summer meals and lovely salads of July and August. We're stuck in a rut of meatballs and tagines, and I've decided enough is enough.
Although we do eat veggie meals 2 - 3 times a week, I know that there's a lot to be said for cutting down on the amount of meat we eat and increasing the amount of veg. And that's not just from a health perspective. From an environmental point, eating less meat, but making that sustainably farmed meat, rather than factory reared is the way forward.
Mackeral & Bulgar Wheat Salad (
So, during March, I've decided to reinvent dinnertimes at our house. We'll be going (mainly) meat-free in an effort to find some great new family meals that can be made swiftly, and that everyone likes (yeah, right, with a fussy 5 year old and a contrary two year old to please that's a joke!) I say mainly meat-free because some of the lovely fish recipes I've got use a little bacon - but as long as meat isn't the focus of the meal then that seems reasonable.
A lot of the recipes I'm going to be using are from The Kitchen Revolution, including the Thai Fishcakes which are on my menu for this week.
If you fancy joining me, I'll post my menu here every Thursday on the website (with links to similar recipes if possible). I'm also going to track how much my shopping costs to see if I save money and will also, most importantly post feedback on each meal as the majority of them are going to be new dishes.
My menu plan for w/c 28th Feb is as follows:
Sunday - Lemon Butternut Lasagne (similar recipe here (my recipe makes an extra one for the freezer)Monday - Thai Fishcakes
Tuesday -Grown up beans on toast
Wednesday -Purple Spouting Broccoli, Anchovy & Pasta
Thursday - Bulgar Wheat & Sardines (sorry, can't find exact recipe online, this is similar but more of a salad)Friday - Veggie Pizzas
If you're interested in trying a 'Meat Free March' yourself, or if you've got any veggie / fish recipes that you've tried yourself and would like to share, then feel free!

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