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Review - Playduvet fab present idea for new baby!

Monday, 21 November 2011  |  Admin

When I spotted the Playduvet at the Earls Court Baby show, I was intrigued. After all, there are loads of play mats and gyms around so what makes this one special?The Playduvet is a playmat with a difference – well several differences actually. Firstly, as you can tell from the name, it's pretty big as it is sized to hold a double duvet. So there's no worries about your baby rolling off it. Because you 'stuff' it with a duvet it's also more cushioned than a normal playmat which is brilliant if, like us, you have hard wooden floors. It's always stressful when babies aren't quite sitting up robustly on their own, I seemed to find that no matter how many cushions I put around them, bubs would inevitably fall into the gap!In saying that however it has also been invaluable in our bedroom. Aerin often comes up stairs with me while I'm pottering around putting clothes away etc. Unfortunately she always seems to do her nice carroty-weaning sick burps on my brand new bedroom carpet – no more of that now as the Playduvet catches it and I can just chuck it in the washing machine.I've been using it for Aerin for for a few weeks and she loves it. The black and white stars are really soft and strokable but make that fabulous crinkly sound too. She's also fascinated by the colourful taggie ribbons which are sewn in, and when she's getting tired I often find her rolled onto her side clutching a ribbony bit like her comforter.Lastly, the Playduvet is very portable. It comes with it's own bag, so if you're visiting family or friends you just have to borrow a spare duvet to stuff it with.I always find it difficult to think of presents for the little ones for Christmas especially when they're no4 child and we've already got plenty of toys at home but this would make a fantastic present for a new baby. It's really nice quality too, so I would imagine that it would last a long time and could be passed onto another sibling.....Not that we're having any more here!The Playduvet is priced at £75 and is available from

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