Cheeky Baby Wipes Hands & Faces Weaning KitCheeky Baby Wipes Hands & Faces Weaning Kit 
Cheeky Baby Wipes Hands & Faces Weaning Kit

Cheeky Baby Wipes Hands & Faces Weaning Kit

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If you already use your Cheeky Wipes for bums, but have started weaning, we've created this Cheeky Washable Baby wipes just for you when you're at home!  Use with your existing oils, or soak with water before use and use a squirt of our baby nappy spray, then simply rinse any excess food off and chuck in the washing machine.  See our top tips for using microfibre...

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 25 - Lovely cloth micro-fibre, bamboo, or bamboo minky baby wipes, 15 cm x 15 cm Need help in choosing which wipes are best for you?
1 - Blue Fresh Baby Wipes container 

 When used on faces and hands, our washable baby wipes can be thrown straight into the washing machine. 

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Lovely product
Friday, 21 December 2018  | 

High quality, pretty colours, soft but durable and so far have washed well. One is all I’ve needed for a very messy eater and we’ve even used some of them for bottom wiping and they’ve been so efficient. The lavender oil smells lovely and leaves baby smelling fresh and clean. Highly recommend this product and cheeky wipes as a company with excellent communication and customer service for a small problem I had.

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Excellent service!
Monday, 17 December 2018  | 

excellent and prompt service, I can't review the wipes yet as they are a present but I know my daughter in law is a big fan!

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Life changing!
Friday, 7 December 2018  | 

We should have got this ages ago! We’ve used the reusable baby wipes for nappy changes since birth and loved them; the hands and face wipes are just as good. We barely ever use a wet wipe now and the little one much prefers these - she doesn’t mind having her face wiped anymore! Should’ve got them as soon as we started weaning but better late than never!

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Smells a little musty
Saturday, 17 November 2018  | 

Not sure if it’s right but I have the mandarin scent and all my clothes smell a little musty and mouldy.

The logos and packaging are all really bright and colourful but did anyone check them? I found a few errors with letters for words on a separate line etc

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Excellent Customer Service
Sunday, 21 October 2018  | 

I decided to try Cheeky Wipes for my baby's face and hands as he didn't seem to like the feeling of disposable wipes on his skin. After washing my wipes, I was disappointed to find some of the stitching had come undone. I contacted the company, received a response almost immediately and had a package with replacement wipes two days later! My baby prefers these wipes and one is sufficient to clean his hands, face and the mess he makes of my dining room! I've washed them a couple times now and haven't had any more issues. Really pleased with the wipes and the excellent customer care.

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Say goodbye to disposable wipes!
Friday, 28 September 2018  | 

This is the second wipe kit that I have purchased. And I wouldn’t go back to disposable wipes at all. Our baby’s skin is clear & inflammation free. They are easy to use & to travel with. Drying time is quick...what more could we ask for.

Thankyou Cheekywipes 👍🏻

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Never going back to disposable wipes now
Saturday, 22 September 2018  | 

I don't know why I didn't try reusable wipes ages ago! This handy kit is everything you need to get you through weaning. The microfiber wipes are so soft and clean up messy hands and faces so much better than your disposable wet wipes. Then just bung in with your normal washing - so easy! And I'm still at the smug helping the environment boasting stage too

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Should have bought sooner
Saturday, 25 August 2018  | 

I’ve only been using my Cheekywipes for a week and already I am totally in love with these. I’m only using them for meal times at the moment but seriously considering switching to using them at nappy change and for make up removal. The wipes are a perfect size and my little girl is so much happier when I have to wipe her face. I find I only have to use 1 wipe per meal, so 3 wipes a day added to my washing pile is nothing! I am going to order another wash bag though so I can have one in the wash and one being filled with dirty wipes. Overall an excellent produce with a fast and efficient delivery service. Thank you Cheekywipes, I’m converted!

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Really good
Saturday, 30 June 2018  | 

I had been thinking about reusable cloths for a while but honestly, I just don't want to deal with the poo side!!
I got the microfibre cloths as part of this weaning kit, they're great, lovely and soft to use and generally wash really well. The only thing stopping 5 stars is that banana sticks like glue to the microfibre!! I don't know if the other materials are the same. But I am very glad I got them as it's stopped me using millions of disposable wipes while we wean.

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Super 👍🏻
Friday, 29 June 2018  | 

Hab mir direkt zwei Sets gekauft um eins zu verschenken. Bin total begeistert. Außerdem superschnelle Lieferung nach Deutschland

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Featured Reviews
So comfy!!
Saturday, 16 February 2019  |  Rachel

So I wore these for the first time last night; the first night of my period which is my super heavy night....

Firstly, it felt SO comfy to go to bed without any pads on at all!
(I switched to washable pads about 2 years ago, which was already a huge improvement on the plasticy disposable ones, but I still ended up doubling up on this night of my period just to get the length to cover all the way back far enough to stop any leakages).

The absorbent area on these goes all the way to the waistline at the back on these so complete coverages. No leaks, even coped with clots, all night, 8 hours in total. These are a game changer!!

I'm staying overnight at a friend's house this evening and normally I might be worried about leaks, but I've packed my second pair and know there's nothing to worry about.

Also, excellent customer service AS ALWAYS when I had a query about my order.

Thank you!!

Bikini Period Pants
Thursday, 14 February 2019  |  Jennifer

These bikini style period pants have been great. True to size. I use them as a back up for my menstrual cup. Great for the gym as I wanted a back up more discreet than my cloth pads. You wouldn’t even know these weren’t normal pants. Only a 4 star as I feel the actual absorption part should come right up the front, so I don’t believe these would be much use for front bleeders (I wouldn’t be able to use them as my only sanitary protection) I also feel that these would only be suitable for light-medium flow periods due to how thin the protection is. I have a very very heavy flow, so I use a very long, thick cloth pads as back up for night time and these pants have held it in place perfectly.

Lovely feel, no leaks, I am ordering 3
Tuesday, 12 February 2019  |  Onicah

These were very comfortable and I am placing my order for 3,

I'm a convert
Tuesday, 12 February 2019  |  Jess

It's fair to say I was a bit of a skeptic, and a late comer to these - I have a 3yr old and a 1yr old and was happy with my biodegrable wipes, but on the basis they come wrapped in plastic I thought I'd give cheeky wipes a go as part of a drive to reduce my single use plastics.

I am super happy with the product (in my case the towelling starter set) and have made everyone who comes to my house smell them (!!) but in the interests of balance here are the pros & cons for me!

It takes a bit of thinking to work out where to keep them to have them to hand when you need them
I can see that they could become addictive and I may end up buying lots more!!

Really easy to use, and really effective - whether on bums or faces
Straightforward to wash & dry (since I am doing this most days anyway)
Amazing smelling essential oils - no unpleasant smells AT ALL from the mucky box
I purchased them with £10 off in the sale - represents real value for money at this price point
Come up clean following a wash - no alarming staining (yet)

So comfy you forget you're wearing them
Wednesday, 6 February 2019  |  Samantha

I ordered the 10-12 which is my usual size and they fit perfectly, just like normal underwear. So much more comfortable than wearing a pad and so good to know I won't be sending pads to landfill every month.

Another fantastic product
Friday, 1 February 2019  |  Jessica

The Bikini Sports Style pants are just brilliant. I ordered a size smaller and they fit perfectly. They feel great and absolutely do what they should. I now own 6 pairs of pants and a mixed selection of the pads - this has been a period game changer! Thank you guys at cheeky wipes

Great product, comfy to wear
Sunday, 27 January 2019  |  Alexandra

My first time with cloth san pads and after learning to put them on the right way round so they don't slip! I've found them reliable, comfy and easy to wash. I can see these being a little warm in summer so have also ordered the cotton version to try out.

So comfy
Sunday, 20 January 2019  |  Bridget

I suffer from "oops" moments due to a complete lack of oestrogen thanks to the joy of breast cancer and oestrogen blocking pills for the last 14 years. I find I need to use pads/panty liners most days (when I am going out) just to feel confident. My skin is red raw in the "lady regions". A few days of these combined with the alternative toilet paper kit and my skin has already improved loads. Nowhere near as sore and no longer bleeding. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Brilliant.

Sunday, 20 January 2019  |  Bridget

I tried these with some trepidation... !! I have had breast cancer twice (yes, bit greedy of me - once should have been enough). I have been on oestrogen blocking pills for the past 14 years. This has caused dry, sore, cracked and bleeding skin in the whole "downstairs" department. These wipes are fantastic. They really are not at all "yuk". Within just a few days my skin is so much better - no bleeding to start with. I haven't quite gone the whole hog and given up toilet paper completely! 1 wipe with that and then the rest with these brilliant wipes. Cannot recommend them highly enough. Also now using cloth sanitary pads for "oops" moments.

Wednesday, 19 December 2018  |  Bec

With the multitude of options for reusable sanitary towels I went with cheeky wipes due to them being UK based, lovely designs and the 'family business' approach. I am very happy with my decision!
My enquiries were answered quickly and helpfully by a friendly, genuine person.
The pads themselves are very comfortable and absorbant.
If you have a heavy flow you can certainly run through but if you change every few hours it shouldn't happen.
So much more comfortable than any disposables I've used (including organic cotton). I bought the cotton fabric and the bamboo minky to see how they compared.. I was worried the minky may be slight sweaty but not at all. The terry bamboo is so soft and very absorbant. I will definitely be recommending to friends + family!