Keep it Simple Reusable Period Protection Starter Kit (Kiss) SPORTY Style

Includes free wet bag!
Keep it Simple Reusable Period Protection Starter Kit (Kiss) SPORTY Style
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Brand:  Cheeky Wipes

Unsure what you need or have any other questions? Why not complete our reusable period protection advice questionnaire to receive tailored advice for you!

Our KISS Kit Contains: 

✨ 3 x Period Pants with 4 layers of protection (3 Feeling Pretty)

✨ 1 x Minky Bamboo or charcoal day pad for extra protection on heavier days

✨ 1 x Cotton Day Pad

✨ 5 x Soft Intimate Wipes

✨ A wetbag for out and about

Great for: Playing Sports

Use if: You are expecting your first period, established menstratee or failing the 'trampoline test'

Sizing: Snug and stretchy, may want to size up!

Feeling: Comfortable: Day and Night.


Can I wear my period pants by themselves?

Every menstrual cycle is different. Here at Cheeky HQ, we can wear them by themselves on our lighter days which for us would be 3 days out of 4. On our heavier days, although they are PLENTY absorbent enough, we like to change at lunchtime to feel fresh, or wear with a cloth period pad that can be whipped out at lunchtime for no faff.  


What's the difference between my cotton and minky pads? 

The bamboo and charcoal minky pads are a man-made material and are thicker they therefore tend to be better for heavier days of your periods. The cotton pads are a lot cooler to wear, it's a lot thinner if you prefer a more discreet pad. The cotton material helps the pad to stay in place and is less likely to move around! 


How do I wash my period pants and pads?

Note: Tumble drying, fabric softener or bleach can affect the product absorbency or the lace to fray. 

Fabric & Care Pant :

Body of the Pant: Nylon/Elastane (75%/25%),

Lining and Middle Layer: Cotton/Elastane (95%/5%)

Waterproof Outer layer of Oeko-Tex certified TPU 


Can putting period blood in the washing machine contaminate my other washing?

An average period is just 30ml to 72ml of blood over the course of 5 days (= 5-12 teaspoons worth) so there is only a small amount on the pad anyway! For best results, we recommend cold soaking before washing. But even if you put your soiled items in the washing straight away there is NO risk of 'contaminating' anything else in the wash... so chuck em in!


Why are my pants called Sporty? 

We can't do better than the original 'Sporty Spice' to describe these period pants, which kiss ass and are also favourites within our local Ladies Football team, 'HRT United'. Well tried and tested! 


I love my Cheeky Pants, what do I do?

Dance, cry, sing whatever you want to do! Make sure you leave a review! Join our community 

#cheekypants @cheekywipes 


What if I don't like my Cheeky Pants?  

We love our Cheeky Pants and think you will too, but for your peace of mind, you can try one pair of pants for 45 days and if you don't get on with them for any reasons, we'll give you a full refund.  


Have more questions? Check out our FAQ page or complete our period and pee protection questionnaire. Either Erika or Kirstin will come back to you with tailored recommendation for what will work best for you.... no autobots here!

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