20% off our favourite plush!

25 February 2021

Have a Plush March! 

Make March all about being more Plush. From 1st March - 31st March you can get 20% off a range of our favourite plush products! Stock up your changing mats, plush wipes, plush makeup pads and plush cloth sanitary pads ready for when we are allowed to be let loose! (*Please note that this offer excludes kits and wetbags*) 



Our plush wipes are PERFECT for those little mucky hands and faces. With super absorbent bamboo one side (which is also antibacterial) and a soft plush layer on the other side they work in the perfect balance of practicality and softness against your bambino's skin. PLUS you can buy the matching changing mat with 20% off for when you are out and about, talk about stylish...

Our changing mats are completely multipurpose, great for at home and when you are out and about. They are also completely waterproof so they also work amazingly as an emergency waterproof bed sheet (under the normal bedsheet) 

Choose your cute print from turtles, seahorses and have a whale of a time with your new plush collection! 


Your Plush deserves our Plush

As we are also striving to help our planet and do our bit, our Plush Cloth Period Protection Pads are the perfect alternative to disposable pads. With the choice of bamboo viscose or charcoal microfleece, squeamish or not they can still help you to find a toxic free period! You can get our plush pads in a range of patterns and sizes: 

For lighter days and mild incontinence try our Panty Liners, For most days of your period/ general incontinence try our Day Pads, and for heavier days, overnight or post birth the Night/Maternity Pads are for you! 

Did you know that traces of pesticides, glue and chemical fragrances have been found in a generic disposable sanitary pad... gross. Our pads have nothing of the kind! Be kind to your plush and your pockets with our range of plush pads. 

'I can't get my head around using reusable's?'

After a recent Q&A on our social channel (@cheekypantsuk_) we had a few people who messaged us saying that they couldn't get their heads around using reusable period protection. We agree, it can definitely be daunting or overwhelming especially when it comes to something like your period... something that is so personal and is still very much a taboo. But that is why we are here to help! Here are a few facts about our period/incontinence protection which we hope will put your mind at ease: 

1 - Our plush period pads have poppers on the outside of the pads which means that they can easily be folded into a small square shape and easily popped in a wetbag when you are out and about. 

2- They make no russle or bussle when you are changing them over. So no embarrassment in the toilet cubicle... 

3- The bamboo in our plush pads have a natural antibacterial quality and because it allows your skin to breathe it potentially reduces the risk of yeast infections and discomfort! 

4- Our pads can save you money... think of the amount of money that you spend on ONE pack of sanitary products a month. Times that by 12. At Cheeky Wipes we all use the products and we love them: some of our products are still going strong 3+ years later... 

Want to know more or want to make the switch but don't know where to start? Remember that our period guru's are here to help with our Pee and Period Protection Questionnaire! Our lovely Kirstin and Paula are the fountains of knowledge and they are here to make your transition as easy and stress free as possible, leave it to the experts! You can also check out our Trustpilot to see our reviews from our lovely customers.


Cotton wool?... who?...

Our luxury makeup removing pads are a self care essential: add this to any skincare routine and be amazed. An easy cotton wool alternative and perfect for oily or soapy cleansers. Start by smoothing your favourite cleanser all over your face with your fingertips and gentle massage it in. Run a clean pad under a hot tap and wipe off your cleanser. Run another pad over a cold tap and refresh your face leaving it clean and moisturised. Then carry on with your usual skincare routine! It is that easy. 


Go on, treat yourself. Go plush this march and make simple swaps to save the planet! 

*Please note that this offer excludes wetbags and kits. As an exclusive offer, it won't work in conjunction with any other offers or discount codes/vouchers. 



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