20% off all cloth sanitary pads & kits during September!

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Cloth Sanitary Pads Cheeky Wipes

This month's offer is a fantastic 20% off all cloth sanitary pads during September.

Why switch to cloth sanitary pads (CSP)?

Well, we know that there can be an initial 'yuck' why would you do that, but actually if you're a sanitary pad user (and lets face it, post children, not all of us can successfully / comfortably use tampons or cups), then we think cloth sanitary pads are a no brainer.


Unlike disposable pads, CSP won't give you an inadvertent bikini wax from the sticky strips in your knickers, as the pads use poppers to securely attach the pad around your knickers.  And because they're super soft, you won't get 'nappy rash' or chafing from them either.

Easy to wash

You wash your knickers if you are unexpectedly caught out by your period starting early, right?  Well, washing cloth sanitary pads is just as easy, the most important thing is that you do a COLD water wash (30c or less) as blood is a protein stain and as soon as you put warm water near it, it 'sets' the stain.  Of course, it doesn't really matter if your pads are stained, they will still work perfectly.  And if you're squeamish about the sight of blood or worried about staining, you can choose our charcoal topped pads which are dark grey in colour.


Are reusable sanitary towels easy to use - YES

If you thought wearing a cloth sanitary pad would be like a nappy, think again.  This is me wearing my usual leggings...and as you can see, you can't spot the pad at all, in fact you can barely spot it without the leggings!

Choice of fabrics

Our cloth sanitary pads come in a choice of two fabrics, bamboo & plush, or cotton.   How do they compare?

Bamboo Reusable Sanitary Towels from Cheeky Wipes

Bamboo Plush - these are our most absorbent pads, made from supersoft plush outers, and with either a cream coloured bamboo viscose top or a charcoal grey bamboo fleece top.  The main difference between the tops is the colour, with the grey being less obvious for staining.  They're thicker than our cotton pads, but that's the trade off you have for absorbency.  They come in 4 different patterns and are available as liners, day pads, night / maternity pads, or you can buy them in multipacks, starter kits or full kits.

Reusable cotton sanitary towels from Cheeky Wipes - Stars

Cotton Ultrapads - our cotton ultrapads are thinner than the bamboo plush pads, and slightly less absorbent.  Being made from 100% cotton, they're cooler to wear than bamboo plush and the liners in particular are great for teenagers.  They come in a range of patterns and are also available as liners, day pads,night pads, multipacks, starter kits and full kits.

What do customers say about our pads?

I love these pads, feel really comfy and don't seem to leak. Nice patterns too :)  Jane, February 2018

I’ve just had my first cycle using only cloth sanitary pads having used another brand occasionally before. I have to say that I am impressed enough with cheeky wipes to switch completely now. I ordered a mixed pack to try out the options and I have to say that the charcoal were the best.
They’re very soft, incredibly absorbent and very easy to rinse out and clean.
What’s more my period seemed lighter and less painful and I didn’t have to put up with the soreness that even organic disposable sanitary wear leaves me with!
  Kayleigh, August 2018

Taking advantage of the offer is easy - just add the pads to your basket and the 20% discount will automatically be applied.


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