20% off all washable wipes kits during August

1 August 2018  |  Admin

We hope you're all enjoying the fantastic weather as much as we are here...we've got a sizzling offer for August for you!

This month save 20% on all our cloth baby wipes kits.  That includes:

  • our all-in-one wipes kit which has everything you need to get started with cloth baby wipes
  • or, the basics kit for cloth nappy users who have already got a nappy bin and wetbag
  • our hands & faces kit which is great for cleaning mucky hands and faces both at home or out and about...

Why make the switch to cloth baby wipes?  Let's hear why our customers think you should....

'It took me a long time to take the plunge and purchase cheeky wipes, the "euw" factor was holding me back. I am so glad I took the plunge.  The dirty wipes go in water with essential oil so my vision of putting poop covered wipes in my washing machine was hugely inaccurate. I am a notoriously disorganised person so I brought an extra pack of cheeky wipes with my starter kit and so far I haven't run out. While one lot is in the wash the fresh lot are put in the clean box. I was worried about having gross looking stained wipes but they are still lovely and white.

In terms of cleaning up baby they are so much cleaner, we've all been in the situation where baby has poopsploded and then put both feet in the nappy and you are trying to remove a baby wipe from the packet and about ten come out at the same time and get suck and your shaking the packet in desperation one handed because you can't let go of babies legs for a genuine fear that everything in your house will get covered in poop, only to find that when you eventually free the wipes you use about 20 and they mostly just smear the poop around......that doesn't happen with cheeky wipes.  Shortly after purchasing cheeky wipes I suspect my daughter made a deal with a dinosaur and enlisted its help to fill her nappy. I only used 3 cheeky wipes, that was all I needed and she was clean after. I didn't have the urge to put her in the bath.

The company has amazing customer service, my starter pack was missing the essential oils (one for dirty wipes, one for clean) I emailed them and they sent replacements, it was nice to be able to email a real person and receive prompt communication.  It's been a couple of months since I started using cheeky wipes and I cannot recommend them enough I wish i had known about them when i had my first baby!'  Charlotte, July 2018

The all-in-one kit contains everything needed, 25 wipes is plenty for a few days - I use half of them while the other half are in the wash. The oil for the mucky box smells lovely and it only takes two or occasionally three wipes to deal with the worst poosplosion, compared to 6-8 disposables. The little bags for out and about are a really useful addition and overall the system works really, really surprisingly well.

I’m never going back!

We do still keep a pack of disposable wipes in the changing bag but I don’t like to use them, they’re rubbish in comparison. I just throw the mucky wipes in the wash whenever I have a baby load on anyway. I’ve just started to see some stains on some of the clean wipes after three weeks of intensive use, but a quick bleach soak sorted that out and they’re as good as new. Just don’t wash them with unfastened Velcro bibs... absolute carnage for the poor wipes! Jessica July 2018

Taking advantage of the offer is easy, just add the kit to your basket and the 20% discount will automatically be applied.  Please note that this is an exclusive offer and will not work in conjunction with other discount codes

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