3 for 2 on Comfy, Fearless and Liners!

1 Comment4 May 2021

3 for 2 on Comfy, Fearless Period/Pee Protection Pants AND Cotton Liners 


Why we love our Comfy Pants? 

Helloooo... the clue is in the name, Comfy! Who doesn't want to feel comfortable and especially when you are on your period or have incontinence. As we struggle to get out of our lounge/gym wear and get back into those dresses,skirts and jeans we still want our home comforts and that's what these pants provide. Here are some of the reasons we just love our Comfy and Fearless Styles.  

  • Great for when you want a big cuddle round your stomach 
  • A Part Time Working Mummy Favourite! 
  • Great for those heavier days in your cycle 
  • Tried and tested on a date, boardroom and ski slope
  • The lace panels on the side yes(make you feel empowered and sexy) 


Why we love our Fearless Pants? 

Feeling Fearless is always a good feeling, just like our pants give you that good feeling too! 

  • Also great for a cuddle round the stomach 
  • To ensure that you feel secure and comfortable with that extra layer on really heavy days 
  • The lace panels on the side, just sure to give you that sparkle! 
  • Also tried and tested on a date, to the office, whilst sleeping! 
  • 'Almost good enough for Marilyn Monroe' - it has been said... 

Whats the difference between Comfy and Fearless Period/Pee Protection Pants?

Our comfy and fearless pants are the Cheeky OG Sisters, however our Fearless Pants have more layers of protection. All of our period pants keep you plenty secure with 4 layers of protection, however our Fearless pants have 5 layers. With the layers going from the front to the back waistband these pants are sure to keep you secure and leak free all day and night. Between the staff here at Cheeky Wipes we probably have enough children to fill a classroom, and on those heavier days you want to ensure that your pants have your back... and our Comfy and Fearless certainly do. 

Don't forget 3 for 2 on Cotton Liners too! 

Cotton liners are perfect for lighter days of period/incontinence! Made up of a laminated waterproof cotton layer on the outside, two absorbent cotton layers and an inner cotton layer these cotton liners are perfect for leak-proof, oops moments! No fluorescence, bleaching, formaldehyde, dioxins or any harmful chemicals that cause rash, irritation and itching = winner winner! 

Our cotton material tends to be a lot cooler to wear, it's also alot thinner if you prefer a more discreet pad. The cotton material also helps the pad to stay in place and is less likely to move around in your pants. Cotton cloth pads may seem a bit ew but they are much more absorbent, the moisture is drawn into the pad leaving you feeling fresher for longer. 

Plus our Cotton Liners come in a range of lovely designs too so choose your favourite and add three to the basket to benefit from our discount! 


Remember to add three to the basket to benefit from the discount. Offer ends 31st May, this is an exclusive offer which cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers. Please remember to check which is the best offer for you! 


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