For every 15 you spend, get 5 FREE bamboo plush wipes

1 April 2016  |  Admin

New Special Offer - FREE Bamboo plush Wipes


Have you seen our gorgeous bamboo plush cloth baby wipes

You asked us for pretty patterns, you asked us for a supersoft wipe for hands and faces....this is it!  In a choice of 5 gorgeous patterns, these bamboo and plush wipes are our softest ever.  

For every £15 spent on goods until 17th April we're giving you 5 bamboo plush wipes (worth £6 ) FREE, to a maximum of 50 wipes.

  • Spend £15 on goods - 5 bamboo plush wipes FREE
  • Spend £30 on goods - 10 bamboo plush wipes FREE
  • Spend £45 on goods - 15 bamboo plush wipes FREE
  • Spend £60 on goods - 20 bamboo plush wipes FREE
  • Spend £75 on goods - 25 bamboo plush wipes FREE  etc...

As always, taking advantage of the offer is EASY!

  • add at least £15 worth of goods to your basket,
  • the FREE wipes will be added automatically
  • When we dispatch your order, we will check your goods total and send out the appropriate amount of wipes!

Hear what parents say about them:

"I bought the bamboo plush wipes to use on my little peoples hands and faces. We love them. They are lovely and soft. They have a pretty design and they get the job done. Cleaning a chocolate filled face takes one second and one wipe."  Clare, Feb 2016

"We received some of these as a free gift and liked them so much we bought some more, we keep these dry and use as little towels during nappy changes when there isn't time/it's too cold to let our little guy 'air dry' after being cleaned up. We also pop them over little mans little man to stop the hose pipe effect when he wee's during a change. As they're a different pattern to our normal white terry towel cheeky wipes we know to hang them to dry when they come out of the washer rather than putting them back into the fresh box so we always have our ' little towels' ready to go and don't have to think about how many wipes to put where. They're lovely and soft as well as absorbant - can't comment on their poo cleaning ability as we've never used them for that! But we like them, they really work for us and used as mjnintowelsbthwy just round off the cheeky wipes kit perfectly for us!" Michael, Dec 15


This offer will end at midnight on Sunday 17th April, so don't miss out!

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