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Friday, 18 March 2011  |  Admin

I do just LOVE taking part on the Friday Club Carnivals over at Notes from Home. There's always something relevant and interesting (to me anyway) for me to write about and this week is no exception. Our theme is 'Your Favourite Gadget' and although I don't consider myself to be a gadget-y person, there are definitely a couple of items which tick all the boxes - very useful, top class performance, reliable, easy to use and beneficial to my life!
The first one I've blogged about before - my Amazon Kindle, which is absolutely fabulous. I'm not going to say much more about it other than I'm going to treat myself to a waterproof cover for my birthday so I can read in the bath once more!
My other favourite gadget is my Kitchenaid mixer which has literally revolutionised my domestic goddess skills of cake and bread making (Yes, I know that sounds really sad but it's true!) I've always enjoyed baking but being a touch on the impatient side, hated putting the necessary minutes in to really cream butter and sugar properly for a decent, fluffy Victoria sponge (about 8 minutes with a handheld mixer in case you're wondering).
So about three years ago, I decided that a free-standing mixer was the way forward and when I did the research Kitchenaid seemed to be the make to go for. It's heavy-duty, recommended by pro's and looks great too. Unfortunately, it's not cheap, costing £350 - £400, so I cannily asked EVERYBODY (Husband, parents, siblings & out-laws) to chip in as a joint christmas / birthday present for me. To be fair, they've all benefited from the yummy output which is probably why they agreed to my plan!
I've loved it from the day I received it. It's not the type of mixer that you keep in a cupboard and only use occasionally. Partly because it's so heavy, but mainly because it looks fabulous and is so useful. Mine sits in my utility room primed and ready for action. Just yesterday myself and no1 son baked two x two layer Victoria Sponge cakes (one vanilla, one coffee) after school in about 40 minutes.
The whisk attachment means that pavlovas and meringues are a doddle, just bung in your egg whites and you'll have a perfect meringue mix 5 minutes later. The dough hook means that I can make dough for a lunchtime loaf whilst making sandwiches at breakfast time, without even thinking about it.
I know lots of other accessories can be bought for it too (and I'm a tiny bit tempted by the sausage maker!) but in reality I know I would probably use them once in a blue moon.
So, if you fancy upping the ante on your cakes and bread and find yourself with the cash to splash, I highly recommend this mixer. And if you have one and love yours too, let me know!
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