August Offer 25 white cotton cheeky wipes FREE

1 August 2015  |  Admin


This month we have a delicious little offer for you!  Simply spend £35 during August and we will give you 25 of our best-selling white cotton terry wipes FREE!

To take advantage of the offer, simply spend £35 on goods* and we will automatically add your 25 free wipes.  Choose from:

*Postage is not included in goods total

"I love using these wipes. We've been using them every day for 16 months now. We started off with two packets of 25 and have just ordered a third because some of them have become threadbare with age. We also have the hands and faces kit. They have saved us using thousands of disposable wipes!"  Natalie, May 15

Our white cotton terry wipes really are our 'workhorse' fabric wipe.  At Cheeky Wipes HQ, this is the first fabric we ever used, 11 years ago and it remains a favourite.  Why?

Nothing else has the same poo grippage

Poo smearage is a thing of the past with our cotton terry wipes, the terry gives some 'traction' removing even the stubbornest stuck on poo, gently and effectively.

Soft enough for faces too

Even though they are great for poo, don't write them off for faces. They are still soft enough to use for faces and hands, which means that they are a very good all-rounder and if you are new to washable wipes, these are a great place to start.

You can wash them with anything - up to 60c!

Our white cotton wipes can be washed up to 60c, which means you can throw them in with any wash load - nappies, baby clothes, bedding, towels - or just a normal clothes wash.  Of course, as with any white item, if you wash with dark colours, they will eventually go a bit grey, but you are wiping your baby's bottom with them, so it doesn't affect their performance at all.

They can be bleached

Our wipes don't tend to stain and sunlight generally removes any lingering post wash staining, but if you find your wipes are getting a bit grimy or grey from washes with dark colours, then it's fine to give them a bleach.  Make sure that you wash them again after bleaching though.

As always, please feel free to spread the word - and with our new 'refer-a-friend' scheme, not only will they love you, but they will save 15% on their first order over £40 and you will receive £5!



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