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2 Comments1 April 2020  |  Admin

Hey there,

Quick update here from Helen, owner (and occasionally customer services chat responder - hello if you've spoken to me over recent days!)

Really delighted to let you know that we received our shipment of teatree 'mucky' oils this morning and since then have been 'all hands on deck' to start fulfilling our backlog of orders.  Already today, we have dispatched outstanding orders from 18th and 19th March which is fantastic.    We will be working our way through the remaining backorders over coming days, so please be patient with us.

We will send a dispatch email to everyone when their order has gone but PLEASE CHECK SPAM / JUNK folders (especially if you have a 'hotmail' email address'.

'All hands on deck' is a little different now than, say, a month ago.  

We are working two shifts in the warehouse and have got in additional picking and packing stations so that we can be as distant from each other as possible in a warehouse situation.  Hand washing continues to be a big thing and wiping workstations and door handles etc regularly.

We've also asked our teenage 'saturday' boys and girls (mostly children of adult members of staff!) to stay home.  If they shouldn't be at school, they shouldn't be in work.  However we've delivered Cheeky Wipes kits to them, for them to prepare kits, ready for taking back to the warehouse for dispatch in the morning.    This really helps speed things up for the adult pick and pack staff, which is super helpful.  (It also gives them something productive to do rather than playing minecraft until the wee small hours for example....smiley)

There's a real community spirit that we are all pulling together to do the best job we can, and once again I'd like to take the time to thank each and every one of my fantastic team for doing a brilliant job.  You rock!

However I always think that actions speak louder than words.  Once we get up to date (later this month) each of our normal staff members will be getting a week off, fully paid leave (in addition to their normal leave) so that they can rest and recuperate and come back fresh and raring to go.  We've got even more exciting news coming later this month and everyone needs to be on tip-top form!

Thanks once again to you, our fantastic customers.  We've got a couple of special offers this month to say thank you sure and check then out.

Stay safe everyone




Liz Weston
03 April 2020  |  10:47

Hello Cheeky Wipes Team,

Thank you for processing our order for the Cheeky Wipes. Our bums have never been so clean! We are embarrassed that it took something like this to get us to get off our bums (!!) and make the move, but we are so pleased that we have and will be forever grateful to you all for working so hard and getting them out to us.

The Weston Family.

03 April 2020  |  12:08

We're just glad that people are prepared to put aside their preconceptions and give it a go! We LOVE to hear about people making the switch, Thank YOU!

Stay safe!

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