Becoming a blood donor

Thursday, 22 March 2012  |  Admin

As some of you will know, last month my best friend and his partner were involved in a fatal crash involving his motorcycle colliding with a bus. Luckily, by some miracle, his partner survived but only with the help of the amazing paramedics, members of the public and blood donors. Without their help, I would have lost two friends and this has spurred me, my friends and Helen here at Cheeky Wipes to become some of the amazing people who take a few minutes out of their day to donate blood.

I always thought about going to give blood but never took the plunge, I needed something to push me in to doing it and now I have. Plus, before you donate they check you for all sorts of nasty diseases so you know that you’re fit and healthy! It won’t cost any of us any money (which is very important these days) all you need is to sit down, relax a bit and let the nurses do their work. Take a book, a Kindle or your ipod to pass the time and before you know it, you’ll be out on the street enjoying your day again. Here will show you where your local blood donating service is and there is a health check which will advice you if you could give blood or not.

I went in with a friend, as we thought if both of us go neither would back out! Perhaps a mistake taking the slightly squeamish one… he ended up on the floor passed out for a couple of seconds! (Don’t be alarmed, this is normal if you don’t drink enough water throughout the day, learn from our mistakes!) When I saw him on the floor, white as a ghost, that set me off so I had a quick lay down too - but not before I had a pack of biscuits, yes they are free and you get a glass of squash. For just a few minutes out of your day you could change someone’s life for the better, and here at Cheeky Wipes we think that it’s something worth investing in.

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