Benefits of using washable baby wipes #2: Kind on sensitive skin

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I recently kicked of a series of blogs about the benefits of using washable cloth baby wipes. The first one was pointing out the big cost savings againist disposable wipes, which can add up to hundreds of pounds each year. The next benefit is one which is close to my heart. Cheeky Wipes (or cloth baby wipes in general) are much kinder to skin than disposable wipes. That's a huge, sweeping statement, but don't just take it from me as I'm obviously biased but our customers think so too (check out some of their feedback for yourself). Unlike many disposable wipes, Cheeky Wipes use just water and essential oil to gently cleanse your baby. And the essential oil is optional for the first 6 weeks of life, when NICE clinical guidelines state that just water should be used. In fact, if you have a really sensitive baby, you can simply use water as the soaking solution for your wipes, but only soak as many wipes as you'll use in one day as the essential oil acts as a preservative.

Cloth Baby Wipes - kind to Eczema / Sensitive Skin

I've suffered from eczema since I was a child and unlike many children, I never really grew out of it. It has certainly improved over the years but when I'm stressed (like now for example, combo of family bereavement and baby with a fractured leg) I tend to have a flare-up. LOTS of skincare products irritate my skin, and some washing powders so I'm pretty careful about both of these. When my eldest son was born 8 years ago, my eczema was particularly bad on my hands. Using disposable wipes really irritated my skin, even the 'sensitive skin' formulations caused my hands to crack and left them red and sore. I switched to washable wipes and immediately saw an improvement. And, if you've ever used disposable baby wipes to remove your make-up, you'll know how dry and tight they can leave your skin feeling. Imagine how your baby's bottom feels after 6 nappy changes in a day! Washable wipes leave skin feeling clean, but calm, much preferable!

Cheeky Cloth Baby Wipes - helps soreness from nappy rash

Let's be clear. Cheeky Wipes can't prevent nappy rash as this is caused when urine gets in contact with poo. My LO's only ever get it when they're teething and they do a sneaky poo when they get into bed for a nap and they lie in it for an hour - yuck! However, Cheeky Wipes won't cause any further irritation on their poor sore bottoms. Using the wipes soaked in their lavender and chamomile oil solution can help sore bottoms. And if your LO has got a weepy, blistered bottom, you can even soak your wipes in home-made remedies. Chamomile tea-bags and honey make a fabulous soaking solution and you can even pop the wipes in the fridge to make them really cooling. (This is also great for teething remedy, but don't use honey for under 1 year olds). In summary, cloth baby wipes aren't a miracle solution to skin care problems. But they won't cause the irritation that disposable wipes can.... Let us know what you think, leave us a comment!

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