Benefits of washable wipes # 3 Fabulous on poo!

Monday, 24 September 2012  |  Admin

I've already covered off two fabulous benefits of washable wipes - that they'll save you lots of money and that they're really kind on sensitive skin.But this benefit is the one which the Dads really like. (For some reason they generally tend to be a bit more squeamish about poo??!)Cheeky Wipes are fabulous at removing poo quickly and easily.I've always known this but it wasn't until I decided to put my money where my mouth is and actually do a comparison that I realised how much better they are - watch our demo video and see 1 Cheeky Wipe do the job of 7 disposable wipes on our fake peanut butter and marmite poo!And because the wipes are thicker than disposable wipes, you won't put your finger through it and end up with poo on your hands. Which is always a benefit.Poo and washingSo you know that they make nappy changing quicker and easier, but what about poo in the washing machine etc?To be honest you don't normally get that much poo on your washable wipes. If you think about it, the first wipe that you do with your nappy (cloth or disposable) and that removes the majority of the poo and you then bin it or flush it.Then you're just left with the smeary bits to deal with, which are probably less than what you would see on a babygro if your LO has a poo-plosion all the way up their back.Because you're soaking the wipes (or washing with your nappies) the poo doesn't usually have a chance to dry in and stain. However if you do have any staining, popping them out on the washing line in sunshine will normally sort them out.So in summary: Cheeky Wipes remove poo quickly and easily and they wash clean quickly and easily.As always, if you've used Cheeky Wipes and have an opinion on this, we'd love to hear it, feel free to leave a comment here or on our facebook page.

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