Benefits of washable wipes #4: Eco-friendly

Wednesday, 3 October 2012  |  Admin

We're now coming towards the end of our little series on the benefits of using washable wipes.If you missed them they are:Save you moneyKind on sensitive skin Great for cleaning stinky poo's quickly and easilyHowever there is one key benefit that we haven't yet mentioned and that's that Cheeky Wipes are more environmentally friendly than disposable wipes. There's a few reasons for this:Less LandfillThis is probably the most obvious environmental saving. Using Cheeky Wipes means you aren't contributing up to 7 disposable wipes to landfill with every nappy change! Considering that your baby could average 5 changes per day and taking into account mealtimes, that could be a LOT of disposable wipes!There's also the other environmental factors relating to disposable wipes. Manufacturing them, transporting them from the factory to the store and from the store to your home all has an environmental impact. And that impact is repeated each time you buy some wipes.Cheeky Wipes are ethically manufactured, shipped once and then straight to you the customer.But what about washing and drying the wipes?The good thing about Cheeky Wipes is that unlike washable nappies, you don't have to wash them separately, you can just chuck them in with your towels or clothes washing. You don't need to do any extra loads of washing which is good news from an environmental perspective.And the wipes don't have to be tumble dried either. In fact they don't even have to be dried every time you wash them you can just re-soak. However your wipes will be cleaner and more hygenic if you can pop them out in the sunshine to dry - you can't get more environmentally freiendly than that.Chemical Free HouseIf, like me you prefer to use more environmentally friendly products around your home, why would you do anything different with your baby wipes? I prefer to use natural cleaning products where possible as my skin is sensitive to cleaning products and I don't like having them around.Some baby wipes contain lots of chemicals which just aren't necessary for cleaning your baby, when good old water (with maybe a few drops of essential oil) will do the job just as nicely).Whether you're an eco-warrior or just have green leanings, choose Cheeky Wipes as your eco-friendly alternative to disposable wipes. Better for the planet, your pocket and your baby - and easy to use too!

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