Bicarbonate of Soda - wonder product!

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I know I've mentioned a couple of the many uses of Bicarbonate of Soda (Baking Soda) before (home-made deodorant and cleaning soiled mattresses. But I thought you might be interested in a few more things that it can be used for...
Removing Odours and Reducing Smells

Bicarb is fantastic for removing smells, so use it anywhere you've got a stinky problem. I use it for washing out the little compost bin in my kitchen and my bigger bin too.
I also found that the stainless steel flask which I use for my yogurt was getting a bit manky if I left the lid on it. A good wash with some bicarb sorted that out quickly!
My wooden spoons were really starting to absorb cooking smells but washing with bicarb paste got rid of the lingering aroma of curry.
And don't forget your dishwasher - chuck a bit into the bottom to remove smells, or give a thorough clean by running it empty with just some bicarb in the main wash area.
Last (but by no means least), sprinkle some bicarb into stinky training shoes to get rid of the potent odour of sweaty feet - yuck!

Bicarb can be used for a number of cleaning purposes and it particularly good for greasy surfaces, especially in conjunction with white vinegar.
I recently gave my Microwave a spring clean, heating a bowl of water with a teaspoon of bicarb in it for 5 minutes until it was boiling. The steam loosened the grease and it cleaned up a treat.
But it's not just microwaves. Try using bicarb and white vinegar on your oven or Barbecue racks. Alternatively, sprinkle dry bicarb onto your stainless steel hob and clean with a damp cloth. Brilliant!
If you've got any hints and tips you'd like to share, or alternative uses for bicarb, feel free to share them...

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