Bless me father for I have sinned....

Thursday, 6 October 2011  |  Admin

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Bless me Father for I have has been 6 months and 2 weeks since I last used cloth nappies, I have been using dirty disposables.
I feel that I can admit it, now that I'm back on the wagon again. My Itti Bitti nappies have been languishing in the hall cupboard since Aerin was born in March. Every time I opened the cupboard to get some Cheeky Wipes they've winked at me and waved 'Hello' before I slammed the door shut on the nappies and my guilty conscience.
You can imagine what it's like when you've got a newborn and 3 other children. If you're not feeding the baby, you're getting the others ready for school / lunch / swimming practice / bathtime /bedtime. Staying on top of the washing was already a mission with my washing machine being on at least once daily never mind adding nappies into the mix.
So I ignored my nappies and used eco-disposables instead . And my Cheeky Wipes of course. But then I saw the lovely Norma from Itti Bitti at the recent baby trade show in Cologne and I had to admit that I hadn't used my lovely Itti Bitti for a while, but couldn't quite explain why not!
Now Aerin is 6 months old and at nursery a few mornings a week, I have a bit more time and things aren't quite as hectic, so that definitely helps. And she's gone past the pooing 10 times a day stage too, which also helps.
So I dug the Itti Bitti out and introduced Aerin to them and she just loves them of course and looks super cute with her little fluffy bum. But I thought it was worth doing a quick blog post to all the Mums who have their cloth nappies lurking in the cupboard rather than on your baby's bum (I know you're out there!) Remember the good thing about cloth nappies is that once you've got them, any use you make of them is going to save you money and help minimise your environmental impact through landfill.
It doesn't have to be all or nothing, you can mix and match if you need to and it suits your lifestyle and circumstances. Dip in and out as you need to and don't feel bad. Your nappies will welcome you back with open arms when you're ready...

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