Blocked drains? Another fab reason to switch to washable baby wipes!

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Following last weeks press release from Thames Water about the problems that wet wipes are causing when blocking drains, the subsequent chat on the Vanessa Feltz show on Radio Two and our follow-up Press Release, I thought it was worthwhile pointing out another couple of benefits of using Cheeky Wipes:•they're not just for babies •they won't block your drains (unless you throw a load into your toilet, but why would you want to do that??)Apparently Thames Water are having problems not just with baby wipes but with supposed 'flushable' toddler and adult wipes which often should be flushed one at a time so as not to cause blockages!Given that the cost of getting your drains unblocked can run to £200+, you really don't want to be putting anything down your toilet aside from water, poo and toilet roll. While we’re on the subject (sort of), let’s talk bum wiping. We all do it.Now, quite honestly, toilet paper normally does it for me, however I know that some people (particularly men who tend to suffer from hairy bottoms!) like to have a final polish off with a wet wipe to have that squeaky clean feeling. In my house, we always have a Cheeky Wipe on hand for anyone who needs that final wipe, which is then thrown into the mucky box with the rest of the wipes for washing.And I know that there is a tissue ‘paper-free’ sub culture for those of you who are extremely green minded. Cheeky Wipes are absolutely perfect if you’re that way inclined…however I’m sure if you fall into that category, you’re probably already upcycling your old knickers and t-shirts into bum wipes!In summary, Cheeky Wipes are great for wiping older bottoms too – just make sure that they’re added washed rather than chucked down the loo!If you are a paper-free convert, we’d love to hear from you and as always if you have an opinion, please leave us a comment either here or on our facebook page.

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