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Tuesday, 26 February 2013  |  Admin

Normally at this time of year we'll be chatting about how we're going to go meat-free for March. This year I'm already trying to cut out cows milk at the moment as my eczema is flaring up badly (watch out for a separate post on that), so we're not going meat-free. We are going to try something different as a family and it would be great for your help with some ideas.... As a family, I think we're too dependent on digital media.

Morning TV A typical morning in our house might be:

6am - no 1 & 2 daughters plonked in front of TV for 40 mins while Mummy wakes up and makes porridge for brekkie 7.30 - 8.30 all 4 kids indulge in either wii games, DS or TV while Mummy hangs washing/puts washing away/gets schoolbags ready

So probably an hour of TV / games at least in the morning.

After School After school isn't so bad as we tend to have activities after school - swimming / gymnastics / football. But generally there might be another hour of TV / Wii / DS while I'm making dinner and clearing up afterwards. I don't think that this is that unusual but it's not ideal really is it? To be fair, at least if they're playing on the Wii, they're interacting, whether it's working up a sweat playing Sonic Olympics (no2 son is often seen shirtless as he's so sweaty), dancing together to 'Just dance' or even a bit of 'wii sing' which is very cute.  But guilty Mummy feelings mean that I've decided to cut back on the multi-media. To find more time to read with them, do puzzles and just chat. Or to encourage them to play together with some of the TOYS that they have which have been relegated to the back of the play room.

So we're cutting digital media out....gradually.... We've already started and we've stopped electronic games & TV after school which is working well so far....mind you, we're only two days in! Yesterday the boys helped me with dinner, no1 son peeled the potatoes and no2 son emptied the dishwasher. While I was clearing up dinner, no1 son helped no2 daughter get ready for bed and then we went upstairs and read books together until the girls bed time. Once OH got in, we chatted with the boys, which lead to a funny conversation about 'to, too and two' and how to use them correctly. 'I think the two of us should go to the shops too'. Where I'm struggling is with cutting back in the morning. For a start, 6am is just too early for me to get up, that extra 30 minutes in bed means the difference between grumpy Mummy and happy Mummy, so OH plonking our early rising girls in front of Bob the Builder is a god-send. After breakfast, if you have school age children, you'll understand that mornings are a mission to get everyone dressed, fed, kitchen cleared, school bags / lunches ready, teeth brushed and out the door. Add in a load of washing or two and actually an electronic baby-sitter comes in very handy. Bad Mummy. So has anyone any recommendations for keeping their children entertained in the morning (they're 9, 6, 4 and 2)? Suggestions very welcome... And for what it's worth, I've been told that facebook / social media are banned from my evenings so apologies if it takes a little longer than usual to respond to things online....

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