Managing Eczema

Friday, 1 March 2013  |  Admin

I've had eczema since I was about 5. It started in the usual places (crook of elbow, wrists, back of knees) and for many, many years, I've managed it by using steroid cream when I have a flare up and moisturising as much as possible aside from that.  

I know at washing up liquid irritates my hands, anything perfumed creates an immediate reaction, so many commercial body lotions and washes are a no-go. Luckily at least I don't have to use disposable baby wipes, thanks to my lovely Cheeky Wipes!

Recently my torso has been a bit of a nightmare, to the point that I've awakened in the night scratching like a monkey which isn't pleasant. I've got next to none of my steroid cream left (and really can't be bothered with going to the hassle of getting a Doctors appointment and traipsing i with 4 kids in tow - just a pain in the bum for a small tube of cream!)

So I've been investigating what ELSE I can change in order to kick this to the kerb forever! Diet I've recently been trying to eat healthier and have cut out gluten pretty much (aside from the odd wee bit of cake which sneaks in). This was more because I'd found that bread and pasts really bloat me and I just don't like it. My eczema remained unchanged.

LOTS of chat online about either cutting out Dairy or switching to goats milk. Now any of you who know me will know that I love my cuppa tea, so cutting out dairy in it's entirety would be an absolute last resort. So I've switched to goats milk and cheese. Initially I made a latte with the goats milk (might as well jump right in) and found the tang of goats milk a bit too strong, but actually it's fine in normal tea and coffee, I don't notice the difference at all.

I've also started making goats milk yogurt instead of standard cows milk yogurt and that tastes fine too, especially with a little drizzle of honey. Switching to sensitive skin washing liquid I know that in the past biological washing powders (particularly Bold) would make me flare up, so tended to use non-bio.

However I've also switched to a liquid specially formulated for sensitive skin. It seems to work just as well for washing as my other washing liquids and powders so I'll keep buying it! Increasing frequency of washing bed clothes Aside from smelling much better, washing your bed clothes weekly in a hot wash kills dust mites which can exacerbate allergies.

So I've added changing our bed clothes to my Wednesday cleaning ritual, rather than my admittedly rather slap-dash 'whenever I remember' routine. Progress so far? So far I'm actually feeling better. My eczema seems to be improving and is just dry skin now but whether it's due to the changes I've made or whether it had reached it's worst point anyway and was going to get better on it's own is hard to tell. I will keep up the changes and see how things pan this space.

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