Buy a cloth baby wipes all in one kit, get a weaning kit for 5

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OBuy an all-in-one reusable baby wipes kit, add a weaning kit for just £5

We're covering all bases with this great offer.  Buy any all-in-one cloth baby wipes kit and you can add a weaning kit from just £5, saving  £11.95 on the normal price!All in one reusable baby wipes kit offer

Our all-in-one kit is priced from £38.99 and contains:

  • 25 cloth baby wipes (choose from cotton, bamboo, rainbow bamboo, or microfibre)
  • fresh wipes soaking container
  • mucky wipes soaking container
  • Mesh wash bag insert
  • fresh wipes out and about travel bag
  • mucky wipes out and about travel bag (with removable mesh bag insert)
  • fresh wipes soaking solution
  • mucky wipes soaking solution

From just £5 you can add a weaning kit containing:

  • 25 cloth baby wipes (choose from bamboo, rainbow bamboo, or microfibre)
  • fresh wipes soaking container
Description Normal Price October Offer Price
Microfibre weaning Kit  £16.95  £5
Rainbow microfibre weaning kit  £17.95  £6
Bamboo weaning kit  £23.95  £12
Rainbow bamboo weaning kit  £24.95  £13

To take advantage of the offer, select the appropriate drop down option on the all-in-one kit page!


You can't go wrong with this great offer, so feel free to spread the word!

Dee Stoneman
02 October 2014  |  0:11

This offer doesn't seem to be working right now? At least it's not showing the revised total in my basket?

Also the offer headline is 'get a weaning kit free' and then when you click on it it says get a weaning kit for 5. Please amend.

02 October 2014  |  7:06

HI Dee - apologies, although I can automate the blog post to be live immediately after midnight, the rest of the web changes are manual - but are now live. Have also corrected the title bar, thanks.

02 October 2014  |  17:38

Ah ok annoying though as I'd missed out on the sept offer trying to work out which kit I should go for and thought ah well while I'm here I'll get the oct offer! I can't be the only person this happens to .....

02 October 2014  |  17:51

Happy to honour either the Flash Sale or the weaning kit offer, whichever you'd prefer, just let me know.

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