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Spend 20 at Cheeky Wipes during December get 10 FREE microfibre hands & faces wipes

Monday, 3 December 2018

Merry Christmas from everyone here at Cheeky Wipes!

December is finally upon us...and in my house, my children are *finally* allowed to mention the 'C' word, Christmas which is banned until 1st December.  (Yes, I know, I'm the Grinch!)  I've been thinking a lot this year about how we can have a more eco-friendly, conscious Christmas.   Buying stuff for the sake of it makes me cringe, so I've tried to stick to the Rule of 4 in previous years for the kids:

  • Something they want
  • Something they need
  • Something to wear
  • Something to read

And I'm applying this principle again.  However I'm going a bit further this year and considering our decorations and wrapping.  I've always struggled with Christmas seems to wasteful to grow them just to chuck them away less than a month later.  And although I like the idea of a reusable plastic one, I've never quite seen one that I like enough to commit.

So this year, I've bought 4 little mini trees, in pots. The kids and I will spend a bit of time next weekend making salt dough decorations (that the dog *hopefully* won't eat off the tree).  And then I can hopefully replant the trees into bigger pots and keep them until next year...that's the plan anyway! 

I'm also swapping out glittery / foil based wrapping paper for simple brown paper and butchers twine and hope to forage some pine cones or leaves to make them look pretty.  Like below (but god knows if mine will look anything like this!)


I'd love to hear your ideas for making Christmas more eco-friendly....

I digress.

This month we're offering 10 FREE microfibre hands & faces wipes worth £5.50 when you spend more than £20 on anything at Cheeky Wipes.

Our microfibre wipes are really popular for hands & faces.  They're super absorbent for even the most messy our customers can verify!

'I bought these as an alternative to using disposable wipes now that my little has started babyled weaning and we had a lot more mess! We only use them for hands and faces but they really are excellent at the job. They wash up lovely too. My four year old wants to use them whenever possible so it’s a win win!' Robert, Sept 2018

'I bought these to use on my little ones hands & face after eating etc. I also wanted to become more environmentally friendly :) I can not believe how many packets of wipes I have saved !! I used to use 1 a day sometimes, I haven’t had to buy them in ages.
Admittedly I still use wipes when we are out, for convenience but I’m going to try and make a swap soon!
Would definitely recommend. Have already sent the link to family & friends. :)
' Ria, Sept 2018

As usual, it's easy to take advantage of the offer.  Simply add £20 of goods (postage and packing isn't included) to your basket and the free wipes will automatically be added.  PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS AN EXCLUSIVE OFFER AND WILL NOT WORK WITH ANY OTHER DISCOUNT CODE.

P.S.  Our warehouse closes on 19th December until 2nd January - we are all Mums with young children, so we know that you understand why Christmas is a time for family.  Last order for guaranteed pre-Christmas dispatch is therefore Tuesday 18th December.

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