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Cotton Organic Wipes from Cheeky Wipes

Along with the easing of restrictions we have amazing offers to keep you happy this June! But let's get the ball rolling with our current offer 25 FREE organic white cotton wipes when you spend over £50 across Cheeky Wipes, MAHOOSIVE savings on our amazing Nappy Bundles plus 20% off Nappy Accessories. 

25 FREE cotton organic wipes when you spend over £50 PLUS 20% off Nappy Accessories! 


Our 'zero twist' cotton, organic wipes are thicker than our usual normal cotton terry wipes and softer too. Making them ideal for both bums and hands & faces. Even if you don't need them to wipe bums they still make a great edition to the self care cupboard, sprucing up your face with a quick wipe or having a hot cloth cleanse after a shave. These natural soft Terry Towelling Baby Wipes are better for the environment and will save you money!

PLUS 20% off Nappy Accessories; you can never have too many accessories but when they make your life easier then it's an even bigger bonus! Our Struckets and Wetbags are the perfect companion for our Nappies and Wipes making it easier for washing and transporting whether that be for days out, nursery trips or just for easy storage at home. 

Unsure how to use our Struckets then head to our Tiktok/Instagram where we have a all the latest tips, tricks and how to videos on all our products!

BIG savings on our BIG Nappy Bundles! 

As you may or may not know we have been working on creating the ultimate nappy! We have worked extremely hard and are excited to welcome you to Cheeky DooDoo Nappies. Cloth nappies may seem like a whole new jargon to learn (and probably harder than a language itself) but we want to reassure you that our nappies have simplicity. Our Cheeky Bundles of Nappies have everything you need to either start your cloth journey or continue along the marvellous cloth adventure! 

Let's break down the bundles! 


Our Starter Bundle contains the following: 

3 x Cloth Nappies - To hold everything together

1 x Cloth Nappy Wrap - To ensure that the nappies are waterproof 

3 x Bamboo Booster - For Extra Absorbency 

3 x Fleece Liner - To make it easier to tip off any poo/wee 

Our starter Nappy bundle is the perfect trial to receive everything that you need to start on your journey.

Plus for this month only you can get the Standard Bundle for £39.95 which is a massive £20 off!


Our Standard Bundle contains the following: 

10 x Cloth Nappies - To hold everything together

3 x Cloth Nappy Wrap - To ensure that the nappies are waterproof 

10 x Bamboo Booster - For Extra Absorbency 

10 x Fleece Liner - To make it easier to tip off any poo/wee 

1 x Pail Liner/Extra Large Wetbag - Perfect for Nursery/Storing Dirty Nappies!

Our Standard Nappy bundle is the perfect next step, to up your Reusable Nappy Game...    

Plus for this month only you can get the Standard Bundle for £129.95 which is a massive £20 off!


3 for 2 on Comfy and Fearless Style Pants 

As we know that so many of you love our Comfy and Fearless Styles we have decided to extend the Comfy/Fearless Offer for the future! A firm staff favourite and Part Time Working Mummy favourite we just love how the lacey side panels can make you feel delicate and sexy on your period! Shop here to get a FREE Comfy/Fearless when you buy two. 

This month's raving reviews! 

We are always happy to hear about how you are getting on with your Cheeky Stash. Here are some of our favourites this month! 

'I have to admit I was a little sceptical about reuseable wipes, but honestly they’re so much better than disposable ones. They make cleaning my baby simple and quick and I know exactly what’s going on her skin too. No nappy rashes, clean bum and saving plastic from landfill, what’s not to love. We’ve been using them daily for 3 months and they wash and dry well and quickly.' - May 2021

'Such great service every time I use Cheeky Wipes, knowledgeable team and always so helpful and friendly. The product I have purchased are fantastic and I am already a repeat customer' 

- May 2021

'I’ll admit when I first heard about re-usable period products, I was sceptical and a little grossed out. It just seemed alien to me, but after having my second baby and using cheeky wipes reusable baby wipes, I decided to give the period pants ago and - wow. I was instantly converted, and I mean on day one. It being my first period since baby I knew things could get a bit heavy so I decided to trial the period pants in the safety of my own home - I needn’t have worried at all. Not a single leak, I never felt uncomfortable (I went with the Comfy pants to avoid irritating my c section scar and they live up to the name!) and I never felt wet. Every now and then I’d think that for sure they’d have leaked but nope - everything contained nicely. I have since worn the pants overnight too without any bother. I’m so converted that I’ve recently ordered more pairs, and a set of reusable pads too (to wear over the pants on heavier days, so I can remove the pad halfway through the day and still feel fresh). What can I say - I am utterly converted and will be shouting about these products from the rooftops to anyone who’ll listen. I must add - great customer service, always quick to respond and the questionnaire you can complete on the website to find the best products for you is great. The response I got was really personal, clearly not just a cut and paste answer.'

- May 2021


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