Frugal Tip #2: Toilet Roll

Thursday, 21 July 2011  |  Admin

Top Tip 1: Buy Classic rather than Quilted / Velvet
Part of me thinks that I shouldn't post this as it's crossing too far into the realms of frugality to be almost called penny-pinching. But you know what they say, 'Look after the pennies and the pounds look after themselves!'
So let's talk loo roll. You know, the stuff you wipe your bum with. And kids' snotty noses too. In our house we get through about 6 rolls a week (my kids poo a LOT). I used to buy whatever was on offer - in my local supermarket that tended to be the premium versions, like 'Quilted' or 'Velvet'. I *thought* that I was getting a bargain, but one week there were no offers on, so I just bought the bog-standard (ha,ha) supermarket own brand. Not the value range as that would be a bit too scratchy on their wee bums, but just the normal own brand.
To my surprise it lasted a lot longer - something I only realised the following week, when I bought more loo roll as usual and then realised that we hadn't used up everything from the previous week, in fact there were two rolls left.
It turns out that the quilted / velvet versions have much less paper on each roll - around 160 / 200 sheets compared to 240/260 sheets for standard. And, in our house anyway, we seem to use the same amount of sheets whether it's quilted or not?
Comparing standard Andrex to their quilted version at the moment - both fromTesco, both on offer at 8 rolls for £3.50, you'd save £60 a year by using the standard Andrex. And of course, if you switch to an own brand you'll save even more...
Top Tip 2: Squish your loo roll
Saddo that I am I was discussing this with friends yesterday and the lovely Sally had a top tip for those of us whose kids like to tug the bottom of the loo roll and then go 'wheeee....' watching loads come off onto the floor. If you squish your roll a little bit before you put it on the holder, it doesn't roll quite so easily, so they'll use less.
Any more top tips to share, please leave a comment!

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