Blowing my trumpet.....

Thursday, 3 June 2010  |  Admin

I've just received the most fabulous phone call and follow-up email from a customer that I had to share with you.
Sometimes I wake up in the morning and wonder what on earth possessed me to start a new business with three small children and a looming recession. Emails like this make it all worthwhile:
Helen, Thanks so much for your help today! I wanted to offer a written testimonial on Cheeky Wipes.
I was a little uncertain to begin with as I thought they were a bit of a novelty item that seemed quite expensive if I'm honest.
Having used them now for 3 months I can assure everyone that they are amazing and totally worth the money - I haven't bought any disposable wipes since - the two packs I had before using Cheeky Wipes are still in the drawer unopened!
My little boy Alex is now 4 months - we've been using them since he was 3 weeks old and we absolutely love them! He had a lot of nappy rash when he was first born (we gave up on the cotton wool and water very early due to hassle and an irrational hatred of cotten wool!) which cleared up totally as soon as we started using the Cheeky Wipes because the essential oils are so gentle and effective on wiping poo off rather than around, which is what we found the disposable wipes did.
We have also used cloth nappies from early on (also highly recommended!), so washing the Cheeky Wipes has never been a problem as we just throw them in the wash with the nappies each day. Some great advice I have been given on getting them white again once going grey or poo stained is to put them out on the line rather than bleach them - the sun bleaches them beautifully white again within a couple of hours!
Cheeky Wipes were recommended to me by another mum who had had them recommended to her - I have so far not met a mum who has used and not loved them, my friend and I even accosted a poor unassuming couple at the Cheeky Wipes stand at the NEC Baby & Toddler Show last month to rave about how wonderful they are!
I love them so much I have just bought a second set as Alex is now weaning so I wanted a set for his face to keep by his highchair downstairs!
Thanks so much for such a fab invention! Claire M, (Proud mum to Alex, 4 months)
I'm so chuffed, I had to share, so excuse me for blowing my own trumpet. But if you'd like to read more, then visit my testimonials page.

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