Buying for Baby - Itti Bitti D'Lish Nappy

Sunday, 24 May 2009  |  Admin

As I explained last time, I've been searching for a slimmer altermative to my Motherease nappies, so I've been trialling the Itti Bitti D'Lish nappies which are an 'All in One' sized nappy.
WOW! They're amazing. From the moment you touch the bitti D'Lish you'll be in love. They have a soft 'plush' (which is like a longer soft velour) outer shell which is laminated inside so that it is waterproof. The beauty of this is that if your baby has just wee'd you can just swap out the inner booster for a clean one which means that it's a relatively economical 'sized' option.
Inside the nappy there are 8 absorbent layers of bamboo which cleverly fold in place to minimise bulk, but which can then be unfolded for washing and drying. Just genius. The top booster has a microsuede layer (like the inside of the shell) which means that wetness flows away from your baby and doesn't come back through again, keeping them feeling dry.
Now, it's not necessary to use any sort of liner with these nappies, but old habits die hard and I've been using one of my normal fleece liners with them. I think I'll probably continue doing this, just so that it protects the nappy from the worst excesses of F's explosive poo's!
I've tried these nappies on both F (almost 2 years and about 28 pounds in weight) and J (6 months and about 18 pounds). They've been pretty much leak free, bar one very disgusting poo from F which nothing would have contained. They look amazingly cute and are nice and slim fitting - J can wear little girl trousers and leggings over them no problem which makes a nice change.
But at the end of the day, it's not me who's wearing the nappy is it? So what do the nappy wearers think? Well J is too little to tell me, but F isn't. I wasn't originally going to use the Itti Bitti's on F, but then tried them the other day. Next morning, when I told F it was time to get him changed and dressed he went over and picked out an Itti Bitti, saying 'Nice Nappy'. Since then, it's been all I can do to stop him raiding my stock to pick himself out another nice nappy!
I think there can be no higher recommendation than my little boy choosing the Itti Bitti's over his usual Motherease. He's been wearing them since he was born and must be so used to them by now, I didn;'t think he would know any difference. And I'm sure that he can't appreciate the aesthetics of the nappy, so the bitti's must be much more comfortable.
The one thing I haven't worked out yet is the optimum number of nappies and boosters you'd need. I'm just waiting for new boosters to be delivered early next week and then I'll get more of an idea, but I'm guessing that 4 per child per day, with the same number of boosters would be plenty. I'll keep track and come back to you...and will give an update on the Itti Bitti Challenge too, as I have my disposable nappy guinea pigs lined up now..

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