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Thursday, 11 February 2010  |  Admin

Since we moved no2 son into his big boy bed, our nights have been rather more unsettled than previously. That's because (unsurprisingly) he's worked out that he can get out of bed and come and visit Mummy and Daddy next door. And given that his normal waking time is 6.10am, I'd really prefer it if he stayed tucked up safe and sound for another half hour at least.
It was with great hope, therefore, that I came across the 'Groclock' (£30 - £35) on one of the web parenting forums that I use. Some people swore by it, some were intrigued and I thought it sounded interesting and worth another look. So I did some desk research (read the reviews on Amazon) which gave pretty positive feedback.
Groclock - time to wake up!
I've been using it now for almost 3 weeks, so thought it was worthwhile posting a review.
On the plus side, it's a nicely designed and packaged product. The little board book that comes with it is great quality cute and my son loves reading it (and in fact has memorised it and can read it to me). You can lock the keys so that your children can't reset it, which is a bonus. And it gives enough of a glow that the room isn't in darkness, but it won't keep them awake either.
On the negative side, it didn't work for us. It might have done if we'd introduced it as soon as we moved him from his cot to his big boy bed, BEFORE he'd worked out that he could get up when he pleased. He still wakes during the night, disregards the clock and comes wandering into our bedroom. To be fair, he usually goes back and lies down again nicely when I show him that the sun hasn't come up, but I still end up getting out of bed!
I'd also have liked the ability to have a different wake-up setting for weekends that could be stored automatically, rather than having to reset the wake-up time every Friday night.
In summary, if you're thinking of moving your little one into their 'big boy/girl bed' and are concerned about them getting out of bed early, then get the clock now and start using it before the move. If you've already got an early starter, then I'd probably not bother.

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