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Calling all Cheeky Champions.....!

1 CommentWednesday, 15 July 2020

Fancy joining us at Team Cheeky to champion reusables and spread the Cheeky love?

Every single day we get the most amazing feedback, reviews, ratings and even lovely DMs and emails from you about our products and our service and we're always BEYOND grateful for each and every one.

By taking the time to share those you are changing our business for the better and we love to be able to do that with you on the journey.

To know that our little old business that started in a garage almost 12 years ago now reaches - and changes the lives and lifestyles (if we could be so bold as to say it) of - so many of you is beyond what our wildest dreams perhaps ever considered possible. And it really does power us on to find new ways to make our products even more simple, find suppliers to make them even more affordable, and explore entirely new avenues for future product line ups where we can use our knowledge to shift people away from the default disposables habit and on a journey with us to Green alternatives for our Blue Planet.

But there are still some people who haven't fully understood what it is we do. As a category (reusables) generally. And at a Team Cheeky level too.

Who perhaps perceive reusables as a faff, or an unnecessary expense.

Who think 'I'm too squeamish to see all that blood / poo / not just flush away my loo paper / bin those baby wipes'.

Who don't believe how EASY they are to use and care for, how effective they are at protecting your underwear or cleaning up a poo explosion, how natural and considerate they are on your skin and that of your loved ones, and just how quickly you can make your money back vs regular high street disposable brands.


So what can I do? 

We want you to be our Ambassadors out in the world.

Help us spread the word, using your experiences and voices. We won't tell you what to say or what to think. We just want you to share your reality.

To Champion us. 

To be our Cheeky Champion.


So how do I become one?

It's super simple.

  1. Share with us how much of a Cheeky Champion you already are in the form below
  2. Press submit and the form will head on over to us on (remember to confirm you're happy to be contacted regularly by us for all things Champion-related otherwise we won't be able to pick you)
  3. We'll then go through all the applicants and confirm our first tranche of Champions asap and get things started. (Exciting!) 

Tell us why / how you're already a Cheeky Champion
it could be a short video, an image of your washing line or cupboards / drawers filled to bursting with Cheeky goodies, a paragraph that tells us how long you've been a customer and what you love / what what you own / how many people you've told or referr
Tell us how long you've been a customer and what you love / what what you own / how many people you've told or referred....basically we want to know how much of a Champion you already are so we can reward that love


What will be required of me if I got the call-up?

  • Once every 3 months - maximum - we will be in touch with new news specifically for you - eg products we're about to launch, patterns in design, developments in the pipeline for whole new categories
  • We would invite you - via online surveys or physical events - to give us your thoughts and feedback on these as part of our customer research
  • And - having seen / trialled them - we would then ask you to create some content for us which we would then be utilised in our advertising, on our site, in our email comms to other customers, as required. It might be that we need pictures of them in action, short videos with your top tips on how to get the most out of them, a paragraph about improvements you think we could make to feedback to our manufacturers; you get the idea. Effectively your thoughts on our products to help us convince someone else why they're worth giving a go (particularly if they're sceptical, if they use other brands but aren't sure about making the switch to Team Cheeky, or if they've never entertained the idea of reusables and have no idea where to start).


What do I get from doing that?

  • £25 allowance (in vouchers) every 3 months to spend on Cheeky items in our Shop
  • Earlybird access (48hrs ahead of anyone else) to our monthly offers and bi-annual sales
  • A Cheeky Champion t-shirt to wear with pride ;)
  • Opportunities and invites to 'Meet the team' at events over the year 
  • An ongoing What's App group for our Champions to collaborate, to chat, to access us (if you're willing to share your mobile phone numbers)


How many people will become your first Champions?

We're after quality vs quantity in the first instance so the Team will be kept relatively small initially (maximum 20).

We're keen to find a tight, like-minded, hugely valuable team of Champions who we can engage with regularly and personally and feel like they're genuinely part of the insider's circle.

We want you to feel as special as you are at the end of the day.