Checking the blind spot

Wednesday, 14 March 2012  |  Admin

Hi Guys and welcome to my first ever blog post! I’m sure you regular bloggers have seen me on the blog , maybe some have met me at The Baby Show or even had a customer service email from me. Either way I’m Tom, Helens new assistant and what great fun I’m having here at Cheeky Wipes HQ!
I’m sure not all of you will understand fully the mentality of motorcyclist, let me try to explain; recently in a magazine there was an advert that read ‘only a biker knows why a dog sticks his head out of a car window’. In everyday life we see motorcyclists all over the place but a lot seem to get branded with a faceless image, we are all normal people with everyday lives who choose to go out on two wheels not four.
Imagine, if you can, that your baby son or daughter, in little under 20 years, was taken away from you for something that could have been prevented. This happened to one of my best friends a month ago. A bus turned into his path because there wasn’t a blind spot mirror on the large vehicle. If you could all spend just a few minutes of your day to sign up to the e-petition that is currently running we can hopefully prevent this sort of thing happening again.
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