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Reusable Nappies make my life with twins easier

How my worries about reusable nappies were solved - these are just incredible!

If they make my life with twins easier then they must be good!

Meet Heidi

Can I use reusable nappies with twins?

Busy mum to Wynter (nearly 4) and twins Woody and Jodi (just turned 1).

Heidi works evenings as a recovery worker with Hestia, a mental health crisis drop-in centre. Empowering people to find solutions and a better way forward is a rewarding part of her work and something she is passionate about.

These values are reflected in Heidi’s family life and she feels strongly about choosing ethical brands that work to protect the planet as well as caring for her little ones.

Many of us can only imagine the joy having twins must bring. Double the smiles, double the cuddles, but also, a bit overwhelmingly, double the feeds, and two cheeky bums to change at once!

Would this be the right time to consider moving to reusable nappies?

This is Heidi’s cheeky journey.

The Challenge: finding the perfect reusable nappy x2

Heidi used disposable nappies for her daughter Wynter but knew that reusables were becoming more popular. Some of her friends were finding them comfortable and convenient for their babies, so during her second pregnancy Heidi considered making the change

“I admit I was anxious about reusables. Worried about smelly washing, poo in my machine, messy leaks and bulky bums. Would they be as good as disposables? It’s always a bit scary trying something new”

However when Heidi and her partner discovered they were expecting twins the decision was suddenly made easy. Imagining twice the storage and double the yucky waste made them think about more eco-friendly options

“I was disgusted thinking about the amount of dirty disposable nappies that would be building up in the bin plus the cost of up to 12 nappies every day per child. So we decided to research reusables to make life better for our family and the environment – it became a no-brainer”

Heidi tried other makes of cloth nappy before finding Cheeky Wipes but was disappointed to find they didn’t stay dry through the night and the last thing she wanted with her growing family was wet beds and pyjamas.

“I’d been using the reusable cheeky reusable wipes for ages and found them brilliant, so when they launched the Doodoo reusable nappy I jumped on it straight away.”

Bamboo reusable nappies are easy, even with twins!

Solution: Doodoo reusable nappies are the absolute best

Heidi ordered 2 soft charcoal Doodoo nappies with boosters and colourful waterproof outer wraps and tried them on her twins for 4 nights.

The website was informative with a trial price offer making the whole process of choosing what she needed really easy, with fast delivery and friendly service.

“What I really love is on their socials and lives you can see the women that work for Cheeky Wipes are using the products themselves. They want to make them the best they can be for their children as well as their customers and listen to feedback - it gave me faith in the honesty of the company and the product.”

Using reusable nappies is easy, even with twins

Results: stretchy, snug, slimline and super absorbent

Heidi was impressed, the twins were dry every morning, no waking up due to wetness, no midnight outfit changes. The booster made sure all the wetness was absorbed in the right place leaving dry bums and happy boys.

“Imagine your softest fluffiest towel as a pair of pants – who doesn’t want that for their babies!”

After a few nights with no leaks and some perfectly contained poo explosions. Plus a long car journey with equally dry and comfortable results, Heidi knew she had found her perfect nappy.

“They are so easy to put on, even with my little wriggly worms. The poppers keep them secure and can be adjusted for the perfect fit as they grow, no need for vest extenders or sizing up”

Like most families, the washing machine is on every day, so Heidi found it no problem to get into a washing routine and found the reusable nappies dry really quickly. No need for emergency dashes to the shops after using the last disposable in the pack.

“I worry about the chemicals and plastic in disposables. I am happy that Cheeky Doodoos are the best for my boys’ skin – there is no irritation and zero nappy rash. That gives me such peace of mind.”

“I would say don’t be scared and just try them. Before I was put off by the washing, overthinking it all. But it’s so simple and convenient. Seeing the nappies drying on the line is lovely and they are so soft and fresh and natural”

Heidi loves the unique bright colourful designs on the wraps that become a talking point when she is out

“I have just been to the park with my friend and her little one.
All 3 babies in t-shirts and just Doodoo nappies with their colourful wraps – stars, tigers, woodland. We got so many lovely comments; it really started a conversation”

Heidi initially thought about reusable nappies because she saw how convenient and comfy her friends found them for their babies and wanted her family to do their bit for the environment by reducing their plastic waste.

“ I have now found that they are all-round better than disposables and wouldn’t go back. I am massively saving money; they are a great investment and will last until the boys are potty trained.”

“I now make little Cheeky kits for presents for my friends who are expecting babies. I don’t think you realise how good they are until you have tried them.
If we all made these changes what a better world we would live in.”

Make reusables your new routine and join the cheeky revolution to make the world a better place for our children, and their children.

With 10% off your first order and a 45-day money-back guarantee, give us a try now!