Cheeky Wipes are the best 40 you'll ever spend

Friday, 24 February 2012  |  Admin

Sorry, this is a bit of a ranty post. I get really frustrated when I go to the Baby Show and show people how fabulous Cheeky Wipes are, only to hear them bemoaning the cost.These are the very same people that two minutes later walk by with an embroidered sleepsuit costing £15 which the baby will use for about 6 weeks before they grow out of it.... Or a nappy wrapper which costs £15 and you then have to buy refills for. Or who spend £65 on a changing bag. (And apologies if it's just me who doesn't get nappy wrappers, what's wrong with sticking dirty nappies straight into the bin, why do you need MORE rubbish to go to landfill??)Now I know that the sleepsuits / bibs are very cute. There's no denying it. And you'll definitely need a bag for baby related paraphernalia, but it doesn't have to be a changing bag as such, I haven't used a changing bag since baby no2..... If you're on a tight budget there are much better things you could be spending your money on.If you're shopping for a new baby, they will need somewhere and something to sleep on, some method of transport and some sort of nappy and something to clean their bum with. You might also need a few bottles & steriliser depending on whether you choose to breastfeed or not, but that's really it.You might be splashing out on buying Cheeky Wipes upfront but you'll quickly see them pay for themselves many times over, which has got to be a better long term investment, yes?

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