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Friday, 9 December 2011  |  Admin

I need to start this post by apologising to Loes and Marco from Mamaloesen that I haven't done this sooner. To be honest I thought I had already done it, way back in October when we were finalising their status as our Netherlands distributors but there was a lot going on at the time and the process itself was quite painful.More on that later.A few recent conversations have led me to clarify that I need to both introduce Mamaloesen and and also explain why we have chosen them as our preferred distributor for the Netherlands.We met at the trade show in Cologne and I was impressed with their vitality and enthusiasm for Cheeky Wipes. Loes and Marco have been running a successful nursery and baby shop in the Netherlands for 20 years and have many contacts throughout the nursery industry.It's tricky to get a new and innovative product like Cheeky Wipes into 'bricks and mortar' stores and this was also an attractive prospect. Lastly they were committed to stocking our entire product range in volume which I believe is essential to building a good distributor business.But what really made them stand out is the fact that they registered and had up and running overnight – dynamic or what!Without going into detail, my previous retailers weren't impressed with the change in direction and with hindsight, I can see that I could have handled this better. As a result I've recently heard that there has been some rumour spreading and bitchiness pointed in my direction, hence the need for clarification. (Slightly dismayed that I have to do so having thought I'd outgrown the school yard 20 years ago....)So, to be clear. The appointment of Mamaloesen as our Dutch distributors was purely a business decision on OUR behalf. No-one elses. Our previous retailers were very keen to continue working with us at the time, however disinclined to work with Mamaloesen.Their loss.I now consider this subject to be closed.....

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