Spend 35, get 25 microfibre hands and faces wipes FREE

1 October 2015  |  Admin

The best hands & faces wipes - microfibre from Cheeky Wipes

Having small children is a mucky business.  Literally from the moment they are born, they are small, powerful explosive devices.  Two of my children literally poo'd on their way into the world and I have to say it hasn't stopped there.

Nearly every parent will have a story to tell about being wee'd or poo'd upon (often at the same time)!  And when vomiting goes from just a mouthful of sick to car sickness, being trapped in a car when a little one has thrown up their entire breakfast for 8 hours isn't much fun.

And when they get to weaning stage, it doesn't improve.  Whether you are a baby-led or spoonfed weaning follower, weaning is messy.  NEVER, EVER let weetabix or porridge dry to any surface as it sets to concrete like hardness very quickly...  And spaghetti bolognaise whilst fun to eat, does have the ability to stain everything within a 10ft radius.

Luckily Cheeky Wipes are on hand to help with mucky hands, faces (and tables) when you are weaning, and for many years after.  Which brings me nicely to our offer this month which is 25 of our lovely microfibre hands & faces wipes FREE when you spend £35.

They are 5 star rated by our customers - see what they have to say:

"Perfect Face, Hand & body wipes for BLW"
"Several people have raved about Cheeky Wipes and now I know why - they are soft, easy to use and reusable (no more hand and face wipes). We are doing BLW and find food everywhere. With just one Cheeky Wipe my baby is clean again. The wipes are super soft too and do not aggravate his eczema which is brilliant." Natanya, July 2015
"I can't even describe how amazingly soft these are!

These are perfect for hands and face. I can't comment on how suitable they are for nappy changes, but Cheeky Wipes recommend them for hands and faces and I can see why! They make short work of even the most hard to clean messes, with just one wipe - incredible! 

I'm really surprised by how much I love these. I'm not usually a microfibre fan, the texture feels so off to me somehow... If you're the same, rest assured that when damp these feel completely different - soft and plush, and not remotely squeaky, They're a joy to use. The rainbow colours brighten things up too."  
Tara, July 15

"Not sure how I managed the first few weeks of baby led weaning without these wipes. They are brilliant. Food comes away easily and makes the process of cleaning up quicker. I was so sold by the product on the first use that I bought wipes for nappies the very same day. (There's only so long you can use cotton wool and water- I hate baby wipes with a passion!!) I only wish I'd bought a few more than 25 wipes for faces. It's only just enough and my machine is on a lot!! Well done Cheeky Wipes on an excellent product. LOVE our micro fibre wipes."

The offer will run until 31st October and will apply to orders for GOODS over £35, including:

To take advantage of the offer, simply add the products to your basket and the free wipes will automatically be applied. Please note that this is an exclusive offer and other vouchers and codes may not work in conjunction with this offer.

As always, feel free to share with friends and family and remember that you can earn £5 for every friend referred by using our refer a friend system....

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