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Cheeky Wipes Recommend a friend discount scheme

Tuesday, 12 November 2013  |  Admin

Recommend a friend scheme

We know that when our customers like their Cheeky Wipes, they tend to tell their friends, but did you know that if you do so, you could both earn 5 discount?

How it works:

  • Forward details of to anyone that you think might be interested in saving money and doing their bit for the planet!  
  • They will save £5 on the Cheeky Wipes all-in-one kit, or spend over £39.99 on goods in the UK by quoting the code 'recommend' on their order at
  • When they order, they need to register and enter your email address as the person who recommended them.
  • You'll receive a coupon for 5 off anything on the Cheeky Wipes UK site which you can use on your next order - we get these coupons up to date on a fairly regulkar basis, usually once a month.

You can also share details on any forums or facebook groups etc that you might be part of, just make sure that they know your email address so we can send your voucher to you.

*This offer is only available to new Cheeky Wipes customers and entering your own email address again will be disqualified!*