Christmas Comes Early This November with 25% off Gifting!

29 October 2020  |  Admin
Want to treat yourself or someone else special this November & get a jump on the festive season?

For a limited time only from 3rd November until midnight 27th November you can enjoy 25% off all our cheeky gifting!   Plus SAVE when you buy two packs of white workhorse wipes, or premium wipes until 26th November!

Why not treat yourself, Mum, Sister or make-up loving Bestie to our Luxury Make Up Remover Kit that includes 10 padded luxury plush & bamboo patterned make up removing wipes, a pretty storage tray & a 50ml tub of organic virgin coconut oil. Or you can try our handy travel Luxury Make Up Remover Kit with Storage Bag  which features 10 padded wipes, coconut oil & a small zip bag , all in a cute patterned design! 

New Mum & Baby Shower Gift SetLuxury Reusable Makeup remover kit

Know a new Mum? 

Then treat them to our New Mum & Baby Shower Gift Set that includes 25 rainbow coloured baby wipes, maternity pads, breast pads, mini wet bags, luxury make up pads & a 50ml extra virgin coconut oil.

Or check out our NEW 4th Trimester Hospital Bag Gift Set , the ultimate in post partum comfort. From experience, it contains all the essentials you need to make recovering from birth just that little bit easier:

  • 6 maternity pads
  • mucky storage box and large mesh bag
  • luxury double wetbag
  • 25 workhorse white terry cotton wipes for baby
  • 5 intimate wipes for Mum
  • 3 pairs breast pads

4th Trimester Hospital Bag Reusable Kit

Our washable, reusable pants and pads are much softer than crinkly disposable pads and pants.  Just think about it, would you rather have cotton or paper next to your most delicate skin?  Especially the most sensitive part of your body which has just been left bruised & battered by childbirth!  

Or,  is that young lady in your life about to get her 1st period? 

Then treat her to our Luxury When will I get my 1st Period Kit . At Cheeky Wipes we believe girls and women should celebrate coming of age with their first period - not be embarrassed or ashamed! Be prepared with our first period kit which has the added bonus of not just being for your first period, as our period pants and cloth sanitary pads are washable and can be used again and again.  Plus, being made of fabric, there's no tell-tale rustling if you need to change them in the loos at school!


  • 1 pair of Feeling Sporty period pants,
  • 1 cotton cloth ultra pad liner for light flow,
  • 1 mini wet bag to carry it all discreetly
  • 5 washable intimate wipes,
  • 25g bar of Green & Blacks chocolate
  • 10 luxury make up pads
  • 50ml pot of coconut oil


So what are you waiting for?  Jump onto our gifting page and start stocking up early for Christmas with our luxurious range of gift sets!

Shop All Our Cheeky Gifting Here 

And as if that wasn't enough we're also throwing in 2 for £20 (25 pack) on our White Workhorse Terry Cotton Wipe & 2 for £25 (25 pack) on our White Premium Cotton Wipe , so it really will be a white Christmas! 

Our multi pack of wipes are perfect for cleaning mucky babies! Durable & strong yet still soft on baby as well as offering great traction for cleaning poo! Not only are our wipes good for baby they're are also much better for the environment than disposable wipes & to top it all off will save you money!

Our most popular wipe, the Workhorse White Wipe features a natural, soft Terry Towelling in a 15cm x 15cm handy square.   

Our Premium White Wipe, made from 'zero twist' cotton,  are thicker than our normal cotton terry wipes and softer too.  This makes them ideal for both bums as well as hands & faces.  

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***It's easy to take advantage of the offer.  Simply add the products to your basket and the discount will automatically be applied.  Please note that these are exclusive offers and may not work in conjunction with other discount codes.***

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