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Tuesday, 8 December 2009  |  Admin

You've guessed by now that I'm not a massive fan of Christmas (or Xmyth as someone called it today. Google it. I like it.) Mainly because it makes me sad to see people going mad, buying loads of presents that are unwanted and unnecessary. It's worse with children, who are so fickle and what they might play with for hours on end at a friends house is only given a quick once over at home and then relegated to the back of the toy cupboard from Boxing day.
So I thought I'd share the top 3 presents that my children have loved to date. If you're a grandparents or aunt / uncle in need of pressie idea, these are guaranteed winners:
Stacking Cups: All kids love playing with stacking cups. When they're little, they'll just be chuffed that they can hold them. As they get older they'll actually start to stack them. And by the time they get to 2, they'll be using them to serve you imaginary cups of tea. Fabulous.
Walker with bricks: Need I say more? This does exactly what it says on the tin. When they're learning to walk your littl'uns can haul themselves around with this sturdy walker. The bricks make fabulous ammunition for throwing at your head - and also for stacking and knocking over of course. Immature parents can also amuse themselves by making rude words from the letters on the blocks. Our walker was a christmas pressie for no1 son and 5 years later no 3 child is still having fun with it.
Little People Farm: This farm is just brilliant. It's robust and sturdy, it makes funny animal noises when you press random bits and teaches your littl'uns animal names. There's bits to poke and pull, places to drop things through and lots of animals to play with. Again, this was bought for my 5 year olds 1st christmas and is still being enjoyed by his siblings 5 years on. There's a more up to date version available here.
Hopefully that's a few ideas although I appreciate that they're focused on the under twos - by next year I might have a few more recommendations!

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