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26 January 2015  |  Admin

You may have seen our new fundraising turquoise velour wipes and wondered what on earth it was all about.  Well now I can share a little bit more with you after attending an inspirational and humbling information day, last Saturday at St Thomas' hospital, London.

We heard from speakers and users of the three charities that we are fundraising for:

Breast Cancer Care

Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust

Ovarian Cancer Action

We also heard from the challenge leader (who spent an awful lot of time reassuring us that camping would be cool and that the hills were just 'undulating'....eeeek).  And we a chat from some previous participants who shared their top tips.  The fact that 'privates cream' to help with chaffed nether regions was their top tip also put the fear of god into me!

However the day was kicked off by an amazing lady, Jane Milne, who has been fundraising for these charities with her book of poetry  'One Woman’s Verses vs Cancer' and she has so far managed to raise more than £5000!

I have Jane's permission to share the poem 'That list of awful things' which reduced me to tears but also reiterated how lucky I am to be able to get off my bum and raise some money to help others, who may not be quite so lucky.  

Jane wrote a little book of rhymes to help raise awareness as part of her Ride the Night fundraising efforts last year. It was a team effort (just like the event itself), with some invaluable help and contributions from fellow Ride the Nighters .She's continuing to sell the book, and write poems, to raise funds for Women V Cancer (there's more information on her website at and the poem below - That List of Awful Things - explains why.'

I hope you enjoy it:

That List of Awful Things

I’ve never had a tumour in my ovary or breast

I’ve never had anomalies show up in my smear test

I’ve never had to contemplate which treatment path to take

I’ve never had to lose my hair for fighting cancer’s sake

I’ve never had to have a reconstruction of my breast

I’ve never had to think about which wig might suit me best

I’ve never had a therapy which poisons me to heal

I’ve never had to know how painful cancer really feels

I’ve never had my cervix be invaded by bad cells

I’ve never had to bandage painful lymphoedema swells

I’ve never had to give up my fertility to live

I’ve never had to feel like I’ve got no more fight to give

I’ve never had to cope with being terminally ill

I’ve never had to swallow such a bitter tasting pill

I’ve never had to feel the fear of knowing what’s to come

I’ve never had to tell my kids they’re going to lose their mum

I’m extremely lucky that I’ve not been caught as yet

In cancer’s indiscriminate and ever-spreading net

I’m extremely grateful that I’ve not had to embrace

The consequence of cancer that too many people face

I’m extremely humbled and I feel so very sad

That people have to cope with all those things I’ve never had

I’m hoping that my little book of poetry and rhymes

Will help to raise some funds towards a future and a time

Where cancer’s gone forever with the misery it brings

And none of us will have to face that list of awful things

© Jane Milne 2014

One Woman’s Verses vs Cancer can be bought for £5 from 

All of the money raised from sales of One Woman’s Verses Vs Cancer (£5 + p&p) is donated to Women v Cancer, a partnership between Ovarian Cancer Action, Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust and Breast Cancer Care.  

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