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24 November 2021  |  Admin

2017 - Picture the scene!

I’m in my bathroom after a fantastic night out (I know nights out right!)

All I want to do is get to bed for some much-needed rest and beauty sleep. But before my head can touch the pillow I have to deal with the bane of our modern lives - the dreaded MAKEUP REMOVAL urgggh.

Makeup seemed such a brilliant idea earlier this evening when I added another layer of volumising, extra-long lash, non-clumping ‘make your eyelashes look like spiders’ mascara earlier this evening, full of hope and excitement. (Waterproof, why did I choose waterproof, it’s like its specifically designed never to come off).

But now the evening is over and it’s a different story (soundtrack ‘Psycho’ or something equally scary).

Ten minutes later and I’m still peering blearily into the bathroom mirror, eyes red raw as I try despairingly to remove the last clumps of mascara that are valiantly clinging onto my lashes like superglue.

I have a bin full of wipes that I know I’ll have to empty in the morning and now as I yank the last wipe from the packet in desperation I realise that that really is the last one – there are no more so I will wake up looking like a tired panda.

Please say this isn’t just me??

2021 - The Present

Cheryl loves using reusable bamboo makeup removal pads

Hello, I’m Cheryl and I’m sure that little scenario is familiar to at least some of you if you’re honest.

I spend my days running my own business as a greengrocer - Kitching’s Fruit and Veg, in the pretty village of Flamborough on the Yorkshire coast. I love it but it keeps me busy, so I don’t want to make life more complicated than it needs to be.

One thing I am passionate about however is looking after our planet and I am always looking for more ways to make both my business and my home life more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Kitchins Fruit and Veg Flamborough

My shop is at the heart of a small community, so it is really important for me to do things the right way. I use brown paper bags, wooden crates, and do veg box deliveries. I source quality local produce to reduce food miles and unnecessary plastic waste to provide the best service to my customers.

About 5 years ago I remember reading an article that made me think I should make some more changes at home, but I wasn’t really sure where to start right then, but being more eco-friendly was always in the back of my mind.

I live by the sea and am super aware of all the pollution that washes up on the beach. I see cleansing wipes, just like the ones I used every day, getting washed up and they seem to hang around forever without breaking down, damaging our gorgeous beaches and wildlife.

So, I know I’ve dramatised my makeup removal story a little bit (!) But the truth of plastic pollution is a real drama that is playing out all around us, and I didn’t want to be part of the problem any more.

The Future

Fast forward a few years and I’m back in my bathroom after another equally brilliant, albeit more socially responsible, night out.

Tonight’s soundtrack is some soothing yet uplifting music, maybe a few birds twittering, squirrels scampering (channelling Snow White now but you get the picture).

Cheeky Reusable Bamboo makeup rounds

Because…..I have discovered Cheeky Wipes Reusable Makeup Pads (cue trumpets). These gorgeous circles of softness sit in a cute trug in my bathroom and have transformed my makeup removal experience.

No more rubbing and tears of frustration. I simply warm a little of the coconut oil (extra virgin organic naturally) in my hands, massage onto my face and my once so resistant mascara literally melts onto the wipe (which are as soft as the downiest duckling by the way). One minute and I’m done. Throw the pad into the wash and off I skip to bed, soft skin, no harsh chemicals, nothing in the bin and I never run out.

I think I kind of fell in love with everything on the Cheeky Wipes website and as I have bought everything I possibly can for myself - friends and family… guess what you are getting for Christmas!! The beautiful designs make thoughtful and personal gifts and cleverly mean they don’t get muddled up in the wash.

And Finally

On a serious note I know that reusing is the way forward. We don’t need to keep supplying the big brands with continuous revenue which creates endless cycles of waste. Ethical companies like Cheeky Wipes are helping us do the right thing for ourselves and our planet. I am proud to support them.

Shop the range!

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