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Friday, 11 January 2013  |  Admin

We love to hear how other Mumpreneurs start their businesses.  Here's a guest blog from a fellow Cheeky Wiper, Katie Holland....and her new business

Q: How did eco mailing bags come about?

Eco mailing bags was born in the summer of 2012 when I was drawing to the end of my maternity leave from my day job – I knew my income was going to be effectively reduced by half, and I didn’t have the time or space to continue my former craft/sewing business so I was casting around for ideas for something to sell, preferably with eco-credentials, and that wouldn’t take too much investment upfront, or space.

Well, I was selling a few bits and pieces on eBay and struggled to find any bags to post them in that were made from more eco-friendly materials. So, the decision was made! I initially considered importing some bags, but the agents I spoke to advised that I would need to order around 10,000 of each size/type of bag, and there was no way that that was going to work. I looked around and managed to find some home-grown ones – there are several bag manufacturers here in the UK, ordered some samples and have never look back.Q: Why use eco-friendly over ordinary packing materials?

As a cheeky wipes user I was already aware of environmental impact of having a baby, so I wanted to make it easier for people to buy more environmentally consciously. Standard mailing bags, like most plastic bags, take hundreds of years to degrade, clogging up landfill. Biodegradable bags, on the other hand, will degrade within 6 months to 2 years, and will only leave behind a little harmless residue. You may be thinking, ahh but what about kraft paper? Kraft paper looks like it should be eco-friendly, but it is made from virgin wood chip, which is heated under pressure to produce paper. It actually takes more energy, weight for weight, than a polythene bag. Polythene is also a lot lighter and thinner, so takes up less capacity during transit, saving fuel.

Q: What does eco mailing bags stock?
Eco mailing bags specialises in mailing bags and accessories that reduce your impact on the environment. Most of the stock is biodegradable, it has an additive in it that helps the plastic break down once it is has been subjected to heat and light and is then put into the ground (e.g. landfill). It will also break down in a hot composting system, so you can dispose of them that way too. Some of the bags are not biodegradable (the pink and orange ones), but are recyclable, so can be recycled at one of the many carrier bag recycling points around locally (e.g. at a supermarket).

Eco mailing bags carries stock in lots of different colours and sizes, and also stocks biodegradable bubble bags for sending fragile items, and biodegradable documents enclosed pouches, which make addressing your parcel and sending paperwork really easy.

Q: Where can eco mailing bags be found?
You can order eco mailing bags from the website where you can get 15% off your first order with discount code CHEEKY15. All orders have free UK P&P (second class), or you can upgrade to first class for only 30p per pack.
If you fancy a chat, please tweet me or pop over to facebook

Good luck with it all Katie, we'll certainly be ordering with you!

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