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Essential Kit for Festivals / Glastonbury

Thursday, 3 June 2010  |  Admin

As I may have mentioned before, my husband plays in a band part-time called Carnival Collective and over recent years he's been lucky enough to play at Glastonbury.
Last year was the first year that I was able to go with him, as in previous years I was either pregnant or due to give birth. I wasn't sure what to expect having only his viewpoint on the whole 4 day extravaganza that is Glasto, but I can honestly say that nothing prepares you for it, there's just so much to see and do everywhere you turn, it's almost overwhelming.
Last year I suffered mini-agonies trying to work out what to bring clothing wise (which is a whole other post!) but in terms of essential kit you'll need, I thought it was worthwhile doing a list....see if your list compares!
Essential Camping Kit
Tent - preferably a pop up version which doesn't require major guy ropes which piss everyone around you off when they're trying to make their way back to their tent in the darkTorch / torch on head - invaluableBlow up mattress - the self inflating ones are fine and save you having to blow them upSleeping bagCamping stool / chair - essential if it's muddy and you want a seatToilet rollBaby Wipes - I took Cheeky Wipes last year but soaked them in mucky wipes tea tree lemon oil which meant that even after 4 days without a shower I still smelled great!Rucksack - for carrying from car / coach to the campsite
Optional Extras
Depending on your budget you might want to bring along a small stove (even for doing coffee and tea). Packet noodles are so easy to cook up on one of these and they'll save you a fortune if you can be bothered to carry it.Booze - again if you want to save yourself some dosh, bring in your own booze in a plastic container and then just buy mixers. Or bring a wheelbarrow and wheel in some beers!
Other essential kit
Wellies. Because chances are at some stage it will rain and it gets very muddy very quickly.Poncho - as above., will double as a ground sheet for sitting onParacetamol / Condoms / Tampons - you can buy them at Glasto but they'll cost you a small fortuneSuncream - if it is sunny you want to avoid the lobster look at all costsHat & sunglasses
If I've missed anything, feel free to drop me a line.....

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