Ever wanted to blow really big bubbles?

Tuesday, 4 October 2011  |  Admin

My eldest Daughter, J, who is 2, absolutely adores bubbles. So she was delighted to receive this book on 'How to make monstrous, Huge, Unbelievably Big, Bubbles'. The book comes with the best bubble wand I've ever seen as it uses a piece of fabric to make the bubbles which won't break easily, unlike many of the expensive 'sword' types which last about 2 days in our house.
I also came across a really good way of making a large bubble wand. We've all seen coathangers being used, but you can also use a piece of rope (like skipping rope) looped together with the 2 ends duct-taped together to make a handle, so the end result is tennis racket shaped?
Obviously if you have a big bubble wand, you need really good bubble mixture. You can buy this stuff but it stupid money at about £4 for a litre? This recipe came with the book and I thought I should share it, it really does make fantastic, massive bubbles!
Bubble Recipe
To a large bucket IN THIS ORDER add:
12 cups water
1 cup Fairy Liquid (yes, it must be Fairy liquid, it's the best!)
1 cup Cornflour
2 tablespoons Baking Powder
Stir the mix and skim off any foam as foam is bad for bubbles.
Get blowing!

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