Fab Competition and Party Bag replacement Idea

Thursday, 14 January 2010  |  Admin

I have major issues with Party bags. They're usually filled with (excuse me for saying so) random bits of plastic tat that lie around the house (or in a drawer) until you get fed up and throw them out. Seriously, how many plastic bottles of bubbles do you think my children need?
For my boys joint birthday party last year we didn't give out party bags at all, just gave each child a book to take home with them which we bought for £1 each.
At that stage I hadn't come across the gorgeous party bags from Charlie Moos. The bags themselves are eco-friendly, and re-usable, made from paper or fabric and available in a range of colours. There's even a 'make your own party bag' option which should keep the kids occupied for a little while.
Most of the gifts you can buy to fill the bags are really lovely, including little wooden spinning tops and clicking castanets. My favourite though are the 'Thank you' seed tags which are embedded with seeds that your party goer can plant after the party, and watch as gorgeous wild flowers bloom.
For those of you with children with some creative flair, Charlie Moos are running a competition during January to redesign their seed tags. The winner receives the accolade of seeing their design in print, a £10 voucher and 10 seed tags too. Worth a shot (and will keep the kids busy while the snow melts...)

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