FAQ: Can I use cloth baby wipes with disposable nappies?

Tuesday, 3 July 2012  |  Admin

This may well surprise some of you, but one of the unique benefits of the Cheeky Wipes kit is that you can use them whether you're using cloth OR disposable nappies. Actually it's one of the reasons that we originally developed the Cheeky Wipes kit.  

Although I used cloth nappies on all my children ever since the eldest was born 8 years ago many of my friends chose disposable nappies, for a variety of reasons. Some of them couldn't face the extra washing involved or maybe didn't have good drying facilities.

Others were put off by the thought of the up front cost, or couldn't get their head around the poo issue. I loved my washable wipes and gradually came to realise that even though these friends couldn't / wouldn't use cloth nappies, that didn't mean they couldn't use cloth wipes. The downsides to cloth nappies don't apply to cloth wipes and as long as the wipes were made easy and convenient...

Washable baby wipes don't mean extra wash loads - as you can simply wash with whatever washing you've got going on, towels and bedding to your clothes wash.

You don't need a washing line or tumble drier as washable baby wipes don't have to be dried - if you're short of wipes, you can immediately resoak them however it's a good idea to dry them every other wash or so - they take no time to dry, so this isn't an issue.

You won't be spending hundreds of pounds on disposable wipes. We estimate that the kit pays for itself in about 7 or 8 weeks if you're buying two packets of disposable baby wipes a week.

Washable wipes mean less poo contact, not more! If you think about changing your baby's nappy, the first wipe is made with the nappy which removes most of the poo, leaving just 'smeary' bits. There's usually less poo on a wipe than you would have after a pooplosion which squidges out of their nappy and all the way up their back!

The other good thing about Cheeky Wipes is that they do the job quicker and easier - see our demo video for more details! So in summary, if you are using or intend on using disposable nappies, BUT want to save money, lessen your environmental impact and be kind to your baby's bottom, then check out our all-in-one washable baby wipes kit.

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