FAQ's: Bamboo, Terry Towelling or Fleece Wipes? What's the difference?

Thursday, 10 March 2011  |  Admin

One question that I'm often asked is 'What's the difference between Bamboo and Terry Towelling Wipes?' Why don't you supply Fleece wipes?

Bamboo are noticeably softer than Terry Towelling when dry (just try tumble drying both and then compare!), however when wet this difference isn't as noticeable. Bamboo feel more silky when wet than Terry and that makes it fantastic for faces and hands.

Bamboo is more absorbent than Terry...but as our wipes are used damp, this doesn't make much difference to us.
Environmental impact

Bamboo is perceived as being more environmentally friendly as it's a fast growing plant, however both bamboo and cotton require further processing in order to make them into a usable fabric.

Because Terry Towelling is slightly coarser than bamboo (comparatively) it gives great traction when cleaning. What this means is that it gets poo off quicker and easier - great when you have a wriggly toddler trying to escape mid nappy change.
Why don't you supply fleece wipes?

Personally I dislike fleece wipes as I find that because they don't have fibres, they have a tendency to smear poo like a disposable wipe. Also they aren't absorbent and I just find them much less pleasant to use, preferring to use Natural fibres where possible. I did try them but as I couldn't get on with them myself, thought I couldn't inflict them on unsuspecting mothers to be!

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