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Tuesday, 1 June 2010  |  Admin

I haven't done a foodie type update recently but thought I'd share two lovely new chicken recipes which I tried over the weekend - and probably will do again next weekend too! We don't eat much chicken in our house aside from roast chicken as I usually only buy free-range chickens rather than nasty supermarket cheapies. However I made an exception last week to try out these yummy dishes which were really easy to prepare and very tasty.
The first is a lovely light, healthy Parmesan spring chicken which is served with potatoes, spinach and peas (pictured above). I used the recipe from the BBC Good Food website which is a mine of great tasting family suitable recipes. I served it to my sister who is dieting because at just 339 calories per portion it was a pretty healthy option, although to be fair we probably had twice as many potatoes than the 400g quoted in the recipe. She's a reasonably fussy eater too but it got the thumbs up from both her and her partner who likes to eat like a king.
It was easy to prepare and didn't create loads of washing up which is always a bonus.
On the same night I did Nigellas Ritzy Chicken Nuggets for the children. I made a few changes to the recipe however:
I didn't have buttermilk to hand for the marinade but used 284 ml of milk with a tablespoon of lemon juice added instead.I also didn't flatten the chicken breast, because I forgot, but it didn't make any odds to the finished meal- I guess it would have shortened the cooking time.When I pulverised the ritz crackers in the bag, I just dropped the chicken strips into the bag to coat them which saved on washing up!
This was really tasty and better for the littl'uns than processed chicken nuggets. Next time I might try cooking the nuggets in the oven - it will take a little more time, but use less oil.
As always, if you try any of the recipes, let me know what you think....

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